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20 Ways To Use Dryer Sheets

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While the common use of dryer sheets is to keep your laundry smelling fresh and soft there are many other uses for dryer sheets! They can be used all over the house and All My Sons Moving & Storage wants to share with you the 20 ways to use dryer sheets. 

Other Uses for Dryer Sheets/Cleaning With Dryer Sheets:

  1. Dust Your TV Screen: If you are wondering what to use dryer sheets for other than their original purpose, your TV may benefit. The anti-static properties help prevent dust from settling

  2. Clean The Blinds: Similar to the TV the anti-static will help prevent dust

  3. Controls Static Hair: Rub a dryer sheet between the brush’s bristles to smooth it out

  4. Make Dresses and Skirts More Comfortable: Get rid of static clinging but rubbing a used or damp dryer cloth. 

  5. Clean Up Hairs: Rub a dryer sheet along the floor to pick up hair.

  6. Freshen Up Shoes: put dryer sheets in your shoes or sneakers to get rid of any bad odors.

  7. Easily Scour Pans and use dryer sheet to clean pots: Soak a pan with burnt food on it overnight with water and a fresh dryer sheet.

  8. Polish Chrome: Dryer sheets can restore chrome’s shine. 

  9. Scrub Away Soap Scum: Rub a sheet onto glass shower doors to clean caked-on grime and soap scum.

  10. Clean Up Powdery Spills: powdery ingredients, like flour or pancake mix, will stick to dryer sheets, unlike paper towels.

  11. Cover Up Diaper Smells: Tucking a sheet into your diaper bag or bathroom garbage can help cover up odors.

  12. Freshen Up The Air: Placing sheets behind fans and vents can help freshen up the air around your home.

  13. De-Musk Old Books: Put the old books into a bag with a dryer sheet and after a few days the musk will be gone!

  14. Get Paint Off Brushes: Put a dryer sheet in warm water with the brushes and within a few minutes of soaking the paint should wash right off

  15. Remove Crayon Marks: If you have crayon marks on your wall then lightly rub a dryer sheet on them to clean them up. 

  16. Sharpen Scissors: Running a used dryer sheet along scissor blades will restore its sharpness.

  17. Keep Camping Gear Fresh: Toss dryer sheets into tents and sleeping bags to avoid the smell of mildew. 

  18. Repel Insects: Mosquitos don’t like the smell of dryer sheets, so always keep one on you to ward them off. 

  19. Get Rid Of Beach Sand: Wiping down yourself with dryer sheets will help get rid of sand stuck on you.

  20. Keeps Car Smelling Fresh: Putting a few dryer sheets throughout your car, under the seats, without hanging something from the mirror will keep it smelling fresh. 

All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to help every step of the way and to give tips and tricks to help after like giving you 20 ways to use dryer sheets! Contact us today to get a free quote and to learn more about all our moving services. 

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