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Things to Remember When Moving into a Bigger Home

When you’re moving, there’s always that question: should you buy a bigger house? There are many things you should consider if you want to move into a bigger home. The Fort Myers movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage are going to give you a few things to remember when moving into a bigger home, because with an upsize, comes many other upsized costs.

We just want you to be aware of all of the additional costs that come with moving into a bigger house. We know that it is never an easy decision to move into a bigger house, and it can be extremely overwhelming. Our Fort Myers movers have created this guide just to help you further understand the additional costs of moving into a bigger house.

Typically, the larger and nicer the home, the more you’ll end up paying in taxes. That’s just how it works, and if you’re looking for a great school district your taxes might even be higher!

When the size of your house goes up, the price of your utilities bill will also go up. The more square footage you have, the more space you have to fill up with air conditioning and heat. So many houses today have extremely high ceilings that go up to the second floor, and they look amazing. However, high ceilings mean more space to fill up with air and heat, also.  The same goes for your bathrooms- the more bathrooms you have the more water you will be using.

As far as your landscape, you will definitely have a lot more to take care of if you are moving into a bigger house. You can either take care of your landscape yourself, or you can hire professionals, however, hiring professionals for a large yard will definitely cost you some more money.

Lastly, moving into a bigger home might seem like such a great idea, however, you might not be taking into account the maintenance and amount of time that will go into cleaning your house. With significantly larger bedrooms, space and more, you have to commit the time and energy to clean. You don’t want to end up in a situation a few months down the line, in a home that is amazing to live in, but too time-consuming to maintain.

If you ultimately do decide to make the move into a bigger house, the professional movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage offer Fort Myers packing services to get you moved into your new house. Our Fort Myers packing services are extremely professional and efficient, and we can get you packed and unpacked in no time. You will have peace of mind knowing that our movers will safely and efficiently move all of your belongings.