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The Ultimate Packing List, Part 1

The Ultimate Packing List

The professional Fort Myers movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to provide you with a comprehensive guide to simplify the packing process. From packing supplies, to packing services and everything in between, this packing list is set up to get you organized and packing room by room.

Fine china/crystal glassware

It’s always best to pack them in their original packaging- if you have it. If not, packing paper and bubble wrap will do the trick.


Bowls can be packed nested together. Be sure to add packing paper in between each bowl for protection.

Small Appliances

                Pack these items in small boxes, as they can get heavy. Carefully pack items with sharp edges.


                Pre-sectioned boxes are the best for packing cups to make sure they don’t break.  


Wrap these individually to prevent scratches and damages. If stacking according to size, add a layer of packing paper in between each item.


If you don’t have the original box let your moving professionals know, so they can have the proper packing supplies ready on moving day. You should remove any glass doors, if possible, on any TV stand/stereo cabinet should have.


If you have family photographs in this room, pack them in separate boxes. You should take extra care of your photos if you live in a hot climate, so that they don’t get damaged.


To pack your lamps, separate the lamp into the harp, base, bulb and shade. Wrap the harp, base and bulb separately in packing paper and put them in the box, filling voids with crumbled paper. Wrap the lampshade in packing paper and place it in a box labeled fragile.


Area rugs can get heavy, so leave the rugs on the floor. Let our professionals take care of this with our packing services in Fort Myers.


Your furniture will be quilt-padded by our moving professionals before being loaded into the truck.  


Pack books in smaller boxes. Make sure they are packed flat, or with the spine touching the bottom of the carton.


Hanging clothes can be left on the hangers and packed in wardrobe boxes. You should pack all other clothes in suitcases, if possible. If you run out of suitcases, fold and pack clothing in boxes lined with clean packing paper.

Mattresses & Pillows

Mattress should be packed in boxes specifically designed for mattresses and box springs. Mattresses are heavy and expensive, it might be a good idea to consider packing services in Fort Myers. Pillows can be packed in your dresser drawers.


Mirrors should be packed in mirror boxes or packed by our professional team to ensure their safety.


These should be washed, dried and folded before packing and then placed in large plastic bags. You should then pack them into boxes lined with packing paper.


Tape or wrap plastic bottles shut to prevent any leaks. Toiletries should be packed in small boxes and make sure to check if any are “non-transportable.”