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Stress-Free Move to Fort Myers

For most, just the general idea of moving can cause a whirlwind of emotions. From packing, unpacking and making sure everything is ready to go, there is no secret that moving is stressful. But look on the bright side – you are moving to a tranquil community of friendly locals and the beach so close by! Our Fort Myers movers share their best tips for a stress-free move to Fort Myers, Florida.


Start Early

Our local Fort Myers movers recommend that you start planning and packing at least 8 weeks before the move date. Giving yourself more time to plan and organize will help you in the long run because you’ll have time to calmly think about all aspects of the move, ensuring the whole process runs smoothly. Scrambling last minute will only add stress, frustration, and it increases the chance that something will go wrong, which is no way to start this new chapter of life. The earlier, the better!


Budget Control

Part of the stress brought on by moving has to do with all the relocation costs, which is often more than anticipated. For a stress-free move to Fort Myers, research typical moving costs and create a realistic budget. Aside from expenses such as a down payment or a deposit, consider how much you are willing to spend on moving services, packing supplies, a moving truck, and the extras that go into moving in general such as meals out during the moving process. There are apps you can use to help keep track of your expenses or you can do it old-school with a notebook. You can write down the cost of items, calculate fuel costs if you are traveling long-distance, or consider whether a flight is worth the price difference. Budgeting is a process, but one worth looking into.


Essential Bag

An essentials bag is a suitcase or duffel bag that holds the essential items you will need for the first couple of days after moving. Instead of digging through boxes trying to find a toothbrush in the morning, it’ll be easily accessible in the essentials bag. It should include other items such as a few changes of clothing, soap, deodorant, daily skincare, chargers for electronics, and even a few snacks to munch on while you are driving or as you’re unpacking the house.


Take Breaks

Moving is a process and not something that can be completely done in one day. To help combat stress during the move to Fort Myers, take frequent breaks and hydrate. If you’ve already moved in but you’re still unpacking the boxes and organizing the house, take a break on the beach and let the ocean relieve your stress. Enjoy the ocean air or get a cool refreshing treat like ice cream to reward yourself after a long day.


Hire a Moving Company

At the end of the day, a professional moving company is the best option when you want to have a stress-free move to Fort Myers. From residential and commercial movers to auto transportation specialists and a packing service in Fort Myers offered by All my Sons Moving & Storage, all your moving needs will be taken care of so you can relax. Our reliable movers are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service. Call today for a free, no-obligation moving quote and learn how our pros can help you with a stress-free move to Fort Myers.