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Questions to Ask Your Fort Myers Movers

We understand how stressful and overwhelming the relocation process can be, so our professionals have created a list of common questions to ask your Fort Myers movers.


Rates and Estimates?

Before you sign any contract with a moving company, one of the first questions to ask your Fort Myers movers is about the rates for their moving services as well as an estimate or a quote for your specific move. Each moving company sets their own pricing for their moving services, so make sure you fully understand before you settle on a price with the moving company. If something is unclear, ask the movers for clarification. A reputable moving company will be more than happy to discuss their prices and policies before you agree to work with them. Do not sign a deal without first knowing  whether there are any extra fees for gas or mileage.


Our moving consultants at All My Sons Moving & Storage offer a free, no-obligation moving quote before you sign any contract. Our full-service movers will discuss moving options and budgets to make sure you understand the rules and policies about our pricing structure.


Are You a New Moving Company?

While this may seem like a silly question to ask, trust us when we say it is not. A mover who has not been in the business for a while may not know the proper protocol when something unexpected occurs. Our local Fort Myers movers have been in the business of moving for more than two decades so they are well trained to handle special requests and answer any concerns you may have about the move. Just remember that before you move, do some research and ask your Fort Myers movers how long their company has been in business.


What Additional Services Are Offered?

Not all moving companies are created equal. Some may only handle local moves while others, such as our Fort Myers moving company, are full-service moving companies. “Are you a full-service moving company and what other services do you offer?” are excellent questions to ask Fort Myers movers. You can hire movers just for the labor-intensive task of loading and unloading your stuff, but why stop there when full-service professionals can take care of the entire move?

For example, our Fort Myers packing service uses expert movers to safely and securely pack up an entire house. Our full-service moving company will also provide the necessary Fort Myers packing supplies, including moving boxes, bubble wrap, and tape. Other services full-service moving companies can offer include vehicle transport, specialty item moving services, commercial relocation services, and even storage facilities.


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Don’t feel discouraged to ask your potential movers common questions like these. If you have other questions to ask Fort Myers movers or to learn about the moving services we offer, contact our friendly moving consultants today.