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Preparing for Hurricane Season

There’s a reason Florida is the Sunshine State, but people also move here for the white-sand beaches, that salty breeze, and a good time – it’s no wonder people are flocking to live here. There’s a dark side to the Sunshine State, though – hurricanes. Especially if you have never lived in Florida before, chances are you have never needed to prepare for hurricane season. As native Floridians, our Fort Myers movers can tell you how to get ready for hurricane season in just a few steps!

When Is Hurricane Season?

Before getting ready for hurricane season, it’s probably important to know when hurricane season takes place. Though you can start preparing ahead of time, you will certainly want to make sure that you have all your hurricane supplies by June 1, as the season starts in June and ends in November.  During this time, you can expect to hear the terms tropical depression, tropical storm, hurricane, and major hurricane more on the news. There is no need to panic, though. Staying safe during a hurricane is possible if you are properly prepared.

How to Prepare for Hurricane Season

Getting ready for hurricane season in Florida can sometimes be stressful if you wait until the last minute. Those empty shelves of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and Lysol prevalent during the coronavirus pandemic are similar to what you’d find in a Florida store when there’s a hurricane coming. You will want to slowly start gathering your supplies while there is no imminent emergency so that you are able to get what you need. Our Fort Myers residential movers created a hurricane preparation guide to help as you’re getting ready for hurricane season.

Make a list of supplies
To make sure you are prepared, the first thing you will want to do is make a list of the necessary supplies. FEMA offers a handy hurricane supplies checklist1, listing items you might need such as:


- Non-perishable food

- Water

- Prescriptions

- Baby formula and diapers

- Pet food and extra water for your pets

- Important documents

- Cash, checks, and loose change

- Emergency reference material such as a First Aid book

-First aid supplies

- Sleeping bag/warm blanket

- Fire extinguisher

- Matches in a waterproof container

- Hurricane candles

- Feminine hygiene products

- Paper and plastic goods

- Paper and pencil

- Books, games and activities

- Flashlight

- Extra batteries

- Battery- or hand-operated radio

- Dust mask

- Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities

- Can opener

- Local map

- Back-up generator

Develop an Emergency Plan of Action
Making sure that everyone in your home knows what to do in the event that a hurricane hits is a very important part of getting ready for hurricane season. This plan will help keep everyone calm if disaster strikes.

Prepare Your Home for a Hurricane

Hurricanes produce strong winds and torrential rain that could potentially cause damage to your home if you don’t take the proper precautions. Bring all outdoor furniture inside or make sure it is secured on the patio; it’s best if they are kept close together. Protect the windows of your home with hurricane shutters or plywood. Hurricane impact windows and doors are a heftier investment that takes a little more time upon initial installation, but it’s worth it for your peace of mind come hurricane season.

Know Your Evacuation Zone
Make sure to check whether you need to evacuate during a hurricane. If you do need to evacuate, learn your evacuation routes and practice your exit strategy with your family and pets. This will also help to keep everyone calm in the case where your family does need to evacuate.

Stay Updated On Weather Warnings and Alerts
You may not always be able to keep up with the news on TV, but there are a lot of ways to receive hurricane updates on your phone. FEMA offers real-time alerts from the National Weather Service or you can sign up for community alerts. You can also listen for the Emergency Alert System.

Our local movers in Fort Myers are here to help you get settled into your new home. We want to give you the warmest Florida welcome! Contact us today to learn more about our moving services and get your free quote!



1. FEMA – Emergency Supply Checklist