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Packing Hacks For Your Move to Fort Myers

The time has come to begin packing your household belongings in anticipation for your exciting move to Fort Myers! Before you start aimlessly filling random moving boxes with everything in your home, local Fort Myers moving company All My Sons Moving & Storage suggests taking a step back and reading these helpful packing hacks to make your life and move easier.

1. Pick the right moving boxes – For heavy items, such as books and dishes, use smaller moving boxes to make them more manageable when lifting. When packing light household belongings, like sheets and towels, utilize larger boxes that can hold more.

2. Pack according to room – Stay organized during your move to Fort Myers by packing items from the same room in the same boxes. This will help you cut down on time spent packing and unpacking and keep your sanity intact.

3. Use appropriate packing materials – For breakable household items, such as glasses and dishes, be sure to invest in bubble wrap or other packing paper that ensures items make it to their destination in one piece.

4. Consider clothing moving boxes – Instead of taking all of your clothes off their hangers, folding them and packing them, just to have to unpack them and place them back on hangers, use special clothing moving boxes. These specific moving boxes allow you to hang clothes securely on a rod inside the moving box. Upon arrival at your new home, you can simply transfer your hung clothes from the moving box to your closet.

5. Label your moving boxes – Take the time to label each moving box and its contents before loading them onto a truck for their move to Fort Myers. This will save you and your Fort Myers moving company time when deciding which boxes go in what room. Labeling your moving boxes will also help you determine which boxes are the most important to unpack first.

6. Utilize empty space in moving boxes – Fill any holes or gaps left in your moving boxes with small, light items such as socks, scarves or linens. Fort Myers local movers suggest using this piece of advice to cut down on the amount of moving boxes you’ll need and furthermore, cutting back on moving costs.

7. Keep important documents on you during your move – Significant documents such as birth certificates, family medical records and financial records should either stay with you during your move to Fort Myers or be sent to your new home separately. Small documents have a greater risk of getting lost during a home move when packed in large moving boxes with other household items.

8. Don’t overpack your moving boxes – Your local Fort Myers movers should be able to close your moving boxes so the tops are flat and easy to tape. Overstuffing your moving boxes can lead to damaged personal belongings due to exposure.