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Moving to the Florida Sun Belt

The Sun Belt consists of Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, South Carolina, Texas, the southern half of California, and areas of Arkansas, North Carolina, and Nevada. Perhaps the most popular to move to are Florida, Georgia, and Texas. But what makes the Sun Belt so appealing to move to? – Besides their warm and sunny climate, the Sun Belt states have growing opportunities for jobs, typically lower taxes, and lack of union strength. The Sun Belt states of Arizona, California, Florida, and Nevada are also known as the Sand States due to their access and feature of numerous beaches.

Moving to the Florida Sun Belt is not a new idea for retirees, but it has been a more recent trend for those who are looking for a job and lower taxes. In fact, Florida government officials have gone on record saying that over the past 20 years, millions of people have moved out of states with high tax rates, to the Sun Belt states, like Florida, for no state tax and lower overall tax rates. As legislature is constantly evolving, the State of Florida has remained rather intact in terms of taxes, making it an appealing destination for those who make a great income and are looking to keep their earnings, rather than paying 50% of it in income taxes.

All My Sons Moving & Storage Fort Myers is proud to move top earners and families to Fort Myers, Naples, and the surrounding cities on the west coast of Florida. Moving to Fort Myers could be one of the best decisions that you make for your business, personal income and savings, and family. According to the Internal Revenue Service and Census data of adjusted gross income of people who have moved from a higher taxed state to the Florida Sun Belt state over a 15 year period, Florida’s net income beneficiary was to the tune of $86.4 billion. That’s a lot of money transferred and saved due to significantly less taxes.

Apart from taxes, moving to Florida is one of the top steps for those who are entering retirement. Roughly 55,000 movers aged 55 and older move to the Florida Sun Belt to reap the benefits of affordable living, low taxes, lots of amenities and recreation for active adult communities, as well as the sandy beaches. In fact, Florida’s annual growth for this age group is 138%. The city with the most people in this age bracket who are moving out of it is New York City, with a loss of roughly 29,000 older residents each year.

If you are moving to the Florida Sun Belt, All My Sons Fort Myers movers can help make your retirement dream a reality. Our Fort Myers movers can come give you an at-home moving quote for free, then pack all of your belongings for you, giving you a great start to your retirement.