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5 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool Without an Air Conditioner

It goes without say that the summers in Florida can be hot – especially if you have recently moved and have not yet adjusted to the excessive heat. Not to mention, having to constantly blast the air conditioning can leave you short on extra pocket change. Do not let packing and moving to the Sunshine State raise your temperature, just take these five tips from your local Fort Myers movers and this summer will be a breeze!

  1. Clean Sheets. Remembering to regularly swap out your sheets can make a room instantly feel fresher and more welcoming, and is a great way to keep cool. Let your Fort Myers moving professionals move your boxes of flannel sheets for the fall and wintertime into storage, and opt for light cotton sheets. You will instantly notice how much easier they breathe and how much cooler you stay while sleeping. Local movers suggest that you invest in a buckwheat pillow as well, they do not hold onto body heat as long as other types of pillows do.
  2. Ceiling Fans. Set your ceiling fans to go counter-clockwise and immediately notice the difference in your room. After all, your fan needs to be re-set from season to season, and your fans will feel like they stirring up colder air by setting them counter-clockwise. Turning on your bathroom fans and exhaust fan in the kitchen, will get any unwanted hot air out of your home as well. You can trust your local mover’s advice - your guests (and your wallet) will thank you later!
  3. Close Curtains. Did you know that 30% of extra heat comes from open windows? Just by closing your curtains and blinds every day, you could save about 7% on your monthly electric bill and lower the temperature of your home by 20 degrees. Do not forget about your doors as well; closing doors will stop cool air from escaping into other lesser used rooms. With just a little bit of effort, you can save yourself a lot of money and energy that otherwise would have been wasted, just by keeping your home cooler.
  4. Less Lighting. Incandescent light bulbs ultimately waste about 90% of the energy in the heat they give off, so by switching to a different type of bulb, you will immediately see how much your electric bill lessens. With summer nights lasting longer and longer, who needs all that bright artificial light anyways?
  5. Cook Less. And grill more! After Fort Myers movers handle the heavy lifting of your stove into your new home, even assembling it for you if you wish, using the oven will heat up your home and take even longer to cool back down once you have finished your meal. In order to prevent this from happening, use your grill for more than just Sunday barbecues this summer. Sure, cooking outside is hot, but being stuck inside with a 350 degree oven on is even hotter. Plus, what a great way to actually use all of those barbecuing tools.