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How to Properly Store your Halloween Décor.

It is almost time to put the goblins and ghouls away as Halloween comes and goes and the holidays approach. Decorating your home may have been the fun part, but now it’s time to store away your decorations and start decorating for Thanksgiving. Seems like a lot since your recent move to Fort Myers has drained you physically. But, not to worry, your Fort Myers movers have complied some great tips on putting away your décor and keeping you organized this holiday season.

Storage Location. Making sure to store your decorations in a specific location, this will help you find them much easier in the future. Whether it is in your garage or in your attic, make sure that the space is big enough to store large boxes and bins.

Sturdy Storage Bins. Choosing sturdy plastic bins will help keep your Halloween decorations in great condition. If you have spooky lights that need caring, don’t just bunch them up inside a box because that’s how you break them. Try wrapping them around the cardboard from an old roll of paper towels to keep them organized. You can pick up bins from your local flea market, or use the ones that you purchased prior to your move to Fort Myers. Any good discount store can save you money on ornaments and lights that need replacing.

Storage Labeling.  Fort Myers moving companies suggest that you label the storage bins on both sides to make identification easier. Having bins labeled with the decoration names will help in the storing process. As you place your decorations into their boxes or storage bins, take the time to clearly label each of the boxes. When it comes to storage containers, consider a clear plastic to tell things apart without having to open them.

Store Similar Items Together. By keeping similar Halloween items with each other, you will be able to quickly find what you are looking for in the future, even if you forget to label the exterior of the box.

Storage Placement. When loading Halloween decorations back into their boxes or into plastic tubs, Fort Myers movers recommend putting what you are going to need first on top. This will help reduce any hassle next year and keep things organized. Also, be sure not to pack boxes too heavy. The heavier the box the more likely that items placed below it will break and the more difficult it will be to take the box down from the shelf.

Discarding Items Prior to Storage. Discarding items that are old, broken, or that no longer hold value to your Halloween décor is the key to storing as little as possible. Recycle it, donate it, or throw it away. There is no point in holding onto something that you will not be using, since it will only take up precious space. The key to having an organized home after moving to Fort Myers is not filling your new home with clutter, so don’t be afraid to ditch the Halloween décor that you have no use for.