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Five Common Mistakes When Decorating a Small Space

Many homeowners have a notion that to decorate well you need a large space. For years, it seemed as though many families who were moving to Fort Myers were relocating into larger homes, their “dream” homes. However, since the housing market crashed, the tables have turned in perception, as more and more homeowners scale down to a smaller space that is not only easier to afford, but also easier to clean. Fort Myers movers have learned that when it comes to decorating a smaller space, a lot of homeowners have no clue what the best practices are.

The many advantages to living in a small space is off course, less cleaning and an automatic encouragement to live closer to those you live with. However, when you decide to move to Fort Myers and downsize your home and lifestyle, it is important to maximize your area and focus on quality over quantity. All My Sons of Fort Myers wants you to live comfortably in your new space, so we have put together a list of the five most common mistakes when decorating a small space. 

Thinking Small

Thinking that a small space needs small furniture is the first mistake. Go big and bold! Instead of choosing a small couch and a petite-sized rug, go for bigger statements. A large area rug can make your space look even bigger, and a few over-scaled pieces in key spots will maximize the feeling of space.

Dark Walls

Painting your walls dark can make your space look like a cave. Open up the area with bright colors. If dark colors are what you want for your new home, opt for just one wall to be a dark shade and contrast the rest of the walls with a brighter color. For maximum brightness and open space, Fort Myers movers suggest trying light pastel colors on every wall.


Letting go of items that no longer have purpose or value in your life can be a hard transition. But, one of the most common mistakes made when moving into a small space is bringing with you things that clutter your home. The best rule of thumb is, “if you don’t love it or use it, lose it!”

Blocking Natural Light

Bring in natural light as much as you can. Covering up your windows with dark shades or even light curtains can make any space seem smaller. Instead, hang curtains up near the ceiling to give the room a taller appearance.

Creative Storage

Using a closet, cabinet, or drawers are the easiest way to help with clutter. Many Fort Myers movers are thinking outside the box by suggesting other kinds of organizational items to new homeowners. Use a magnetic strip on your wall to store plates and cutting boards, or hang a shoe bag on the back of your door to store shoes, belts, or socks. Organizational pieces not only make it look as if you have more space, but they also give the illusion of a clean and welcoming room.