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Finding a Handyman and Other Home Service Providers

It’s a new state, a new home, and a new slew of problems you need to fix in your new house, except everything is new and where do you find a handyman or other service providers to fix your household issues? Our Fort Myers movers have got you covered in more than just the moving realm, we’re sharing tips on finding a handyman, plumber, or other home service providers.


Angie’s List

Easy and simple, Angie’s List is a members-only place that lists the insights, ratings, descriptions, and reviews for home service providers. “Angie’s List members submit more than 60,000 reviews every month about the companies they hire. They include incredible details about how the project went (including cost), and grade the company's response time, price, professionalism and quality of work -- good or bad -- on an A to F scale. Angie's List members will tell you if a crew was conscious of children and pets, cleaned up after themselves or just totally botched the job.”1



From carpentry to lawn services, HomeAdvisor is the place to search for a handyman or professional. Once you are on HomeAdvisor all you have to do is select the category you are looking for and go from there, it is simple and easy to use when you are searching for a handyman in your new area.



If you have access to the internet or are on your smart phone, the easiest and fastest way to find a handyman is your area is to head over to Google and search for a provider in the area you are in. You are able to narrow down the searches with using Google or Yelp to better view reviews or other providers in the area.


Your Local Hardware Store

Of course, one of the most obvious ways to find a handyman or home service provider is to go to your local hardware store and just do the project yourself with the tools you can buy there. If the job too complicated, your local hardware store might have a service in which they can come to your house or know someone they can refer you to.


Talking with Your Moving Company

There is no better way for you to fully get your questions answered than asking your moving company on who they recommend. Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, our full-service movers are locals to the area and can give you a list of the handyman they know and trust.


Not only can we help you find a handyman or home service provider, we can help move you locally or long-distance. Our Fort Myer long-distance movers have been in the business of moving for years now and know all the tips and tricks to better complete your move. We also offer a Fort Myers packing service, helping to pack and transport everything for your move. Contact our team for more tips, tricks, and information on our moving services.




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