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Essential Packing Products to Ensure the Perfect Move


It’s a few weeks before the big move. What are the necessary packing products to make the move? All My Sons Moving & Storage has everything you need to ensure a safe and stress free move.

Packing Products you need:


Regardless of what you are moving, new boxes are necessary. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of new boxes. You don’t need the added stress and worry of how sturdy your old boxes are. You’re making a large move, the last thing you should be worrying about is if your boxes will survive the trip.

For Dishes, glasses, and fine-china, look to purchase double-walled, extra sturdy constructed boxes.

Small boxes which can handle the added weight of books, documents, etc.

Medium boxes which are perfectly sized for your pots, pans, and small kitchen appliances.

Large boxes that can hold toys, lamps, lampshades and bathroom items such as towels.

Wardrobe Containers - These large containers are designed for your clothes hanging in your closet. Inside these containers are hanging bars to keep your hanging clothes, hanging.

Mirror Container – Constructed to properly handle mirrors, pictures and paintings.

Mattress Containers – Built to keep your mattress and box spring together and undamaged during the move. Come in all sizes to fit perfectly for your mattress. 


Heavy-Duty Duct Tape

So often, customers make the mistake of using everyday scotch tape. This may seem like it will hold everything together, but you are taking the chance of having your dishes and other fragile items damaged because your tape is old and not built for this type of use. Prevent a pot whole breakdown and the loss of your favorite dishware by getting some heavy-duty tape and stay safe. 


 Packing Paper

Something to remember about packing paper is newspaper can be your best friend as well as your worst enemy. Do your best to acquire unprinted newspaper for wrapping or cushioning glassware. The ink can stain your dishes and be almost impossible to rid the stains.


One of the most underused packing products is cushioning. Bigger, more fragile items like vases, lamps, mirrors, etc. need more cushioning and padding than dishes and glassware. Types of padding you should acquire include:

Bubble Wrap


Tissue Paper

Paper Towel Rolls

Be generous when it comes to the amount of padding you add to your fragile items. It is always better to have extra padding than not enough. 


Labels and Markers

Now that your boxes are filled, don’t forget to label your boxes. This can save you much time and effort when it comes to unloading and unpacking your boxes. Simple, plain white labels and a black broad tipped marker will suffice.

Notebook and Pen

Keep a notebook and pen to keep track of all your moving essentials. Making a hand-written inventory of everything you are moving will ensure that nothing gets left behind.

Any additional tips, questions and packing products regarding your next move can be found at the All My Sons Moving & Storage website