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Downsizing for a Move? What You Need to Know

It can be hard to downsize and start over, where does one even start? The good news is that we have the answer to that and with our downsizing guide, we will have your home ready for the new change in no time.


Planning for Downsizing Your Home

Why are you downsizing? Is it because you want to move into a smaller home because the children have left? Do you want to save money? Or maybe you just want to downsize because you plan on traveling more and being home less. Whatever the answer may be, the key recipe to downsizing is planning.

Downsizing for a move takes time, for most it can be enjoyable but for others it can be a struggle. Research your moving companies and talk to them about their moving policy, you want a mover such as our Fort Myers movers that will know how to move you into a smaller space and know how to navigate in tiny areas when moving your valuables into your house.


Letting Go of Items

Do you really need that kitchen appliance? Or the treadmill that has started to really become a clothing rack? Consider letting go of certain items that fill the space of your home now but would cramp up your new home. Consider this home downsizing tip from AARP- eliminate excess furniture from a room and you’ll realize how spacious it feels. 1

You may be pleasantly surprised on how much more spacious your new place will feel when you let go of items that don’t serve you a purpose anymore, you can even donate your valuables to a charity of your choosing or give it to a friend in need.


Storage Service to Help with Home Downsizing

When it comes down to it, maybe you aren’t ready to let go of your childhood mementos or that table that has been passed down from generation to generation. Relax, you don’t need to toss it aside. Storage services are perfect for when you are considering downsizing and need a place to store your extra items. Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, our Fort Myers long-distance movers can work out a plan for you with our storage service.


Moving Services

Once you have finished your downsizing process, you will need a mover that is budget friendly and willing to help you. Our Fort Myers moving company is here for you! All of our movers know the ins and outs of moving, we have an excellent Fort Myers packing service and we even help with the packing supplies. The best part? We are based all over the nation, so contact us to learn more about which location is best for you and your family and free, no-obligation moving quote.



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