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Different Packing Supplies for Different Items

Let’s face it, we can’t move without the two ingredients that make moving happen: movers and packing supplies. Each item you pack has a different method to how it gets packed and what goes into it, below our Fort Myers movers have created the list of different packing supplies for different items.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap, a classic packing material. Not only is bubble wrap used to properly wrap items such as glass, antiques, statues, cups, and mugs, it also makes for a fun item to “pop” once you are finished unpacking. Bubble wrap is quite easy to find and usually comes in large rolls that can be found at your local hardware store or mailing office.


Packing Paper

Packing paper can be just about anything you have laying around the house, although the cheaper and more common used method to this is newspaper. Securely wrapping newspaper around your mugs or dishes can help prevent them from shattering in the day of the move. A heads up warning though from our Fort Myers local movers, be careful when using newspaper with certain dyes in it. The black in some newspaper has been known to stain white porcelain dishes or rub off on sensitive materials.

For a safer alternative and money saving tip, just use your towels or t-shirts to protect your items from breaking as well. Don’t forget to properly wrap them up with tape to hold the smaller items in place. If you’d prefer to use the packing paper our pros use, you can purchase packing paper directly from our movers.


Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts are used to fill space in boxes and protect your electronics. Packing peanuts create a barrier between the box and your items, adding extra protection from damage. Packing peanuts are perfect office equipment and electronics.

Need help moving your corporation? Our Fort Myers corporate movers have the dedication and training to complete corporate and commercial moves.


Moving Blankets

Moving blankets or padded quilts are used to help you move larger pieces and items. Your mover will wrap a moving blanket on a couch, dresser, table, bed, etc. to protect it from scratches or any further damages that can happen in the move. Not sure where to buy moving blankets? Let our Fort Myers packing supplies service lend one to you.


Packing Service

With all these different packing supplies for different items, trying to find each one all at the same time can be stressful, that is why our best recommendation for moving is to hire a full-service mover that will do the packing and lending of packing supplies for you. At our Fort Myers moving company, we have an excellent Fort Myers packing service that properly packs and unpacks all your belongings in the comfort in your own house.

Contact us to learn more and one last tip? Don’t forget the moving boxes!