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15 Key Moving Terms

Moving can be a tricky process. The worst part is that most moving companies think that you do not know all of their moving terms and what the process entails. Our Fort Myers Movers have been moving families for over 30 years and we never keep our customers in the dark about the moving process. If you are moving to Fort Myers, even if you do not choose All My Sons Moving & Storage, be smart about hiring a mover and know these common moving terms. Don’t let the moving company you hire try to pull the wool over your eyes. Instead, let them know that you prepared on how the process is supposed to go and your rights as a consumer. This way, you will be able to avoid a horrible moving experience with fraudulent movers. Check out our list of moving terminology before your big day arrives.

Moving Terminology to Know Before Moving Day

Long-Haul Move/Intrastate Move/Long-Distance Moving

This is simply a move that requires a moving company to cross state lines. However, a long-distance move could be a move that is over 400 miles, even if it is in-state. The majority of movers will charge you by price per pound for the weight of your moving truck if moving long distance. 

Short-Haul Move/Interstate Move/Local Moving 

Typically means that you are moving within state, specifically within 300 miles. Also known as a local move, you can hire a local Fort Myers moving company who is smaller and does not do intrastate moves. This way, you can possibly receive a better quote and pay per hour rather than per pound. 

Linehaul Charges

The charge for long distance moves is calculated by mileage and weight of the moving truck with all of your belongings inside. 


The document that outlines the price per pound of your shipment. The tariff will also outline legal implications such as company policy, fine print of the bill of lading, and service order.

Bill of Lading 

This is basically your receipt which will have a detailed list of your shipment and its contents.


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is where you can find information on the moving process and find out if your mover is registered with a USDOT number. If you are using a local Fort Myers mover, they may not be registered, as registration is typically for moving companies who do intrastate moves. 

USDOT Number

This is a common phrase in moving terminology that often gets overlooked. Any company that operates commercial vehicles that either transport passengers or cargo across state lines must be registered with the FMCSA and have a USDOT Number.

Binding Estimate 

Binding estimates are not as typical as non-binding, as binding estimates are an exact cost for moving services. In this case, if a Fort Myers mover gives you an estimate, they cannot make any changes to it regardless of whether your belongings weigh more or not. 

Non-Binding Estimate 

This is the exact opposite of a binding estimate. Non-binding estimates are typically the estimate of choice for moving companies in Fort Myers because they are only an estimate and can be altered later. 

Flight Charge 

If you hire a moving company and they have to carry your belongings up or down flights of stairs, they will charge you a flight charge. 

Fuel Charge 

A fuel “surcharge” is said to be illegal. The cost of gas should already be calculated into your estimate and not be an additional charge. However, if you do stumble upon a fuel charge, it would come in the form of price per mile. 

Peak Season 

You may hear a Fort Myers mover say that the prices are higher because it is “peak season.” This means that you are looking to move during the summer months of June, July or August. For lower moving costs, move to Fort Myers during an off-season month. 

Full-Service Moving 

A full-service moving company is one that will come to your home and pack all of your belongings straight from your countertops, cabinets, closets and dresser drawers. You won’t have to pack one single thing. 

Extra Stops Charges

When your mover has to stop at multiple locations in order to get all of your belongings it usually costs $75 per stop.

Moving Broker

You want to avoid moving brokers at all costs. Most online third-party moving sites are moving brokers. They have you enter in all of the information about your move and then they offer moving companies in your area – they even give you a quote. However, these quotes are not from the moving company themselves and are therefore inaccurate. 

Now that you feel comfortable with some moving terminology, make sure you have everything ready to go for our Fort Myers residential movers. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote