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What to Inspect in an Apartment Before Signing a Lease

After what seems like eons, you’ve finally found the perfect apartment in Sarasota that has all the amenities you need. It’s probably perfect in the sense that it meets your budget, or it’s in a preferred location; either way, you’re ready to sign across the dotted line. However, before you do, you must do a walkthrough of the unit to ensure everything’s in good shape. Failing to notice any pre-existing damages or deficiencies can result in long battles with your landlord or community management until the end of the lease. So, to save you the headache, our Sarasota movers discuss what to inspect in an apartment before signing a lease.


Safety Check

Safety concerns should be number one on your inspection checklist for the apartment. Begin by checking if the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are functioning. Inspect the kitchen and the front doors and test them to ensure they work. Mark where fire extinguishers are placed and, if the apartment is part of a complex, take note of the fire escape plan in the event of a fire.


The Kitchen

The kitchen should be next on the list when you’re planning what to inspect in an apartment before signing a lease, primarily to assess the appliances. Test the microwave, garbage disposal, dishwasher, stovetop, oven, and refrigerator to make sure everything’s in working order. Check for bad odors in the refrigerator and pull out the drawers to see if there are any damages.  Open the fridge to confirm it maintains a chilly temperature and that the freezer is ice cold.

Give the kitchen floor a once-over and notate any cracks and scrapes on your apartment inspection checklist. Open and close kitchen cabinets to check for damages as well.



Our Sarasota residential movers recommend examining the bathroom plumbing next. Start by looking under the sinks and toilets to double-check for dripping or damp surfaces. Next, test the faucets to make sure they run water and shut off correctly. Turn on the shower to test the water pressure and check to see if it reaches hot temperatures. Don’t forget to ask the landlord or community management if the apartment shares a water heater or if it has its own since this can impact how you shower in the mornings!

Doors and Windows

Lastly, check the doors and windows of the unit for drafts by running your hand over them. If they don’t close properly, let the landlord or the community management know. If each doorknob is a different lock, ask for a key for each one.


The Sarasota Movers Got You Covered

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