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Tips for Packing Electronics

As we transition into a time where electronics rule our world, we humans have a lot of electronic products that require special care. Our team wants to make sure your electronics are safe when relocating. Also, we want to make sure they are properly packed away so that we don’t lose that one specific charger or cord. Below our Sarasota movers are the experts at packing and moving and have shared their best tips for packing electronics.  

Start with the Packing Essentials

Every move needs the basic packing essentials. To ensure that your electronics are going to be safe during the move, you may want to plan beforehand. You can do this by going to your general hardware store and purchasing the packing essentials such as tape, moving boxes, padded quilts and packing peanuts.

Organization is Key

Now that you have your packing essentials you can begin packing. One of the first tips for packing electronics is making sure you organize everything. This includes labeling all the boxes. Keep small items together and large items in their own boxes. Don’t try to overcram a moving box because you will not only risk damaging your items, but you want to be able to lift the moving box yourself. Color-coded tape is perfect for wrapping up wires and creating a system of where each item is located and what goes where.

Proper Protection

As mentioned in the packing essentials section, you want to buy the proper protection for your electronics. Include the padded quilts and packing peanuts in each box. This will help protect your electronics when relocating from getting any damage if a moving box was dropped or smashed by accident. A budget-friendly tip for packing electronics is to use your t-shirts or linens to line the boxes.

Hiring a Packing Service

Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage our Sarasota packing service is included in your full-service moving package. Our Sarasota local movers are the trusted professionals you can rely on to pack your electronics. Not only will our movers pack your electronics, but we will also make sure that the rest of your belongings are safely packed. We are a family friendly moving company that is reliable and trusted.  We offer a wide range of moving services tailored to your budget. If you need packing supplies, our Sarasota packing supplies department will help supply you with the moving materials you need for a safe relocation.

Every customer knows what they are going to pay beforehand because we are offering a free, no-obligation moving quote before we relocate your family. Call our helpful moving consultant for more information and for further tips for packing electronics.