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How to Prepare for Moving During the Holiday Season

All My Sons Moving & Storage in Florida

The holiday season is stressful enough without having to worry about packing up all of your belongings and finding Panhandle Florida movers for your move to Pensacola or far beyond. At All My Sons Moving & Storage Pensacola, we give you a few tips on moving during the holidays to help make your move a little less stressful.


Plan Ahead When Moving During the Holiday Season

The holidays are so chaotic for everyone. Make sure if you are moving during the holidays, you plan your schedule way in advance. Book your movers in Pensacola early so that it is one less thing you need to think about when the whirlwind of pandemonium that is the holiday season hits. The holidays are expensive and adding moving to the mix can stretch your budget even thinner. Plan accordingly, start saving early, and perhaps trim your holiday budget to accommodate the extra expenses.


Scheduling your Holiday Move

Keep the weather in mind as you start to plan your move. If you move to Pensacola during the holidays, you will not need to worry about snow or ice hindering your arrival, but if you live in Pensacola, long-distance mover could take you out of the Sunshine State and straight into the cold snow. Be prepared for the unpredictable winter weather with a plan b in case the roads are too hazardous to drive or snow makes an unwelcome appearance. Also, if you are looking for movers in Pensacola to drive you north, dig out your dusty winter wardrobe. You will be thankful you did when Jack Frost starts nipping at your nose.  

While winter break allows you more time off to pack, the worst days to move during the holiday season are those days immediately surrounding the holidays. Take a second to think about the horrible holiday traffic from families getting together along with the dreaded mall traffic from Black Friday and last-minute shoppers. Especially if you are moving far away, you will want to avoid this traffic at all costs.


Staying Cheerful when Moving During the Holidays

While stacks of boxes are usually welcome during the holiday season, plain brown boxes filled with all your belongings instead of presents decorated in colorful wrapping paper can be a downer.

Because you are moving during the holiday season, it is probably best to tuck those stockings and garlands away until you arrive at your new home. To still get your fair share of holiday cheer, unpack your holiday décor first, or spend the holiday season exploring your new neighborhood and all the holiday festivities it has to offer. Try driving around to see lights near your new home or seeking out holiday events and activities in the area.

All My Sons Moving & Storage Pensacola’s Florida Panhandle movers can help give you some peace of mind if you are moving during the holidays. Let us take care of your move so you can enjoy the holidays with your family in a new cheerful home.