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Home Décor Trends in Pensacola

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If you are moving to or currently live in the city, homeowners and renters alike are embracing new home décor trends in Pensacola. Modern styles are now being mixed with traditional and vintage styles, adding a unique perspective to interior design. Our Pensacola movers are sharing some of the popular interior design styles they’ve witnessed in the field to inspire your decorating process in your new home.


Statement Fixtures & Fresh Hardware

Swapping out your traditional light fixtures and the handles on your drawers is a simple way to update your new home and it’s a huge trending design in Pensacola. According to our Pensacola local movers, adding industrial Edison lights in your living room or even a midcentury, sputnik-style chandelier can add more personality to a space. Edison bulbs add a retro touch with modern technology to your home. The style of even the light bulbs, not just the light fixture itself, can make quite the difference. You could dangle the lights individually or connect them in a semi-flush. Chandeliers have been one the biggest home decors trends for generations. Modern chandeliers make great statement pieces in the center of your home. You could choose a chandelier with circle bulbs displayed in a linear position or the traditional candle-style with long, skinny bulbs.


Accent with Accessories

Adding various home décor accessories around your home is a great way to incorporate your personal touch to your home. Accent pillows are among the easiest way to throw in some spunk, a rug can really tie a whole room together, and artwork on the walls can really make a statement whether it’s one large piece or a gallery arrangement. Home décor accessories encourage you to add your style and express your interests throughout your home. Don’t be afraid to blend modern with other other styles, this is your house and your personality. There are countless ways different styles can complement one another and enhance the space overall.


Pattern Play

Most homes are built with neutral colors so you can put your stamp on it however you like. Areas in the home where you can add color are the rooms where you entertain – the kitchen and living room. There’s a wide variety of backsplash styles you can choose from for the kitchen and bold colors or designs and subways tile are some of the more popular home décor trends in Pensacola. Others opt to paint their cabinets non-traditional colors like teal. Living rooms are also getting a splash of color in new ways. Our Pensacola commercial movers have noticed more people incorporating colorful furniture and ditching the neutrals. A hunter green or blush suede couch will are definitely conversational pieces. Mess around with color this season and choose unique patterns to make your home feel cheerier and more fun.


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