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Best Moving Apps in 2019

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After deciding to make the move to Pensacola, it’s time to start gearing up for the big move. In order to have everything in place for the move, you’ll need to book Florida movers to help you move into your new home, update your address on various important documents, finalize the closing procedures, and so on. You can make the process even easier by using certain apps to help with your move. In today’s day and age, we use an app for almost everything and it can also be used to facilitate your upcoming move. Our Pensacola movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage can tick off the best moving apps in 2019.



If you still haven’t found a new home in Pensacola, give Zillow [1] a try. With over thousands of listings from all over the nation, you should have no trouble finding a house listing or rental. Along with listings, the app also provides resources for home buyers and renters, as well as current mortgage rates. The app also lets you do a real-time walkthrough of neighborhoods, giving you the best house-hunting experience.



Once you’ve decided where your next residence will be in Pensacola, start arranging where the furniture will be placed with Magicplan. [2] With the app open, you can record the dimensions of the home, which will then create an augmented reality version of the floor plan. Along with recording dimensions, Magicplan also creates 3D models, virtual tours, site surveying, and material estimating.



Packing isn’t something we all look forward to when moving into a new home, but you can simplify the task by using Sortly. [3] The app allows you to categorize items by room along with label creation for boxes, making it one of the best moving apps in 2019.


If Sortly can’t do the trick, you can always opt for our Pensacola packing services. Our Pensacola movers are specially trained in packing all types of items with quality packing materials. With our packing services, you’ll be given more time to handle other relocation tasks while our movers take on the tedious task for you.


Facebook Marketplace

Moving to Pensacola with a bunch of useless junk only creates more work for you. So, lighten your load and put money back in your pockets by selling your stuff on Facebook Marketplace. On this platform, users sell almost everything: from electronics and clothes to kitchenware and vehicles.


Moving Is Simple with All My Sons Moving & Storage

When you hire our professional movers from our Florida moving company, you can expect exceptional customer care you won’t find anywhere else. For over twenty years our Pensacola movers have helped families and businesses move across the nation, giving us the experience you’re looking for in professional movers. Call us today for your free moving quote!



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