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Reusing Leftover Moving Supplies

Once you’ve completed your move to Orlando and your house looks almost spotless, you’re probably looking around thinking about all the ways you can be reusing leftover moving supplies. All My Sons Moving & Storage, your Central Florida moving company, is here to share some different ways you can consider reusing leftover moving supplies so you’re less wasteful and don’t have to throw them away.

Use Them for Extra Storage

You can reuse durable moving boxes for a new way of organizing your holiday decorations, important or random documents, arts and crafts, any extra supplies for around the house, seasonal clothes that don’t need to be hanging in your closet, and more. It’s vital that you label the boxes in a detailed matter. Knowing exactly what’s in every box will allow you to not only organize them better but will save time when you’re looking for something amongst them.

Use Custom-Made Moving Supplies for Your Next Move

All My Sons suggest keeping all custom-made packaging in a safe space, just in case. Original packaging for your larger and more valuable items provides better protection than regular moving boxes. You never know when you’re going to need the original packaging for the television you’re moving or selling to someone new.

Use Them to Share with Your Friends

Recycle! Allow others to benefit in reusing leftover moving supplies that helped you during your move. If they’re durable enough, like the ones you’d get from our Central Florida moving company, you can give them to a friend who’s moving. You can also post a message on your social media profiles telling your friends that you have moving supplies that you don’t want to throw away. Someone is sure to take advantage of reusing leftover moving supplies, even for activities that don’t involve moving.

Use Them to Wrap Gifts for Birthdays and Holidays

If you move to Orlando around the holidays, or at a time when a loved one has a birthday, moving boxes can double as gift boxes! You can even play a funny trick with smaller boxes inside of large boxes if you need to get rid of more than one box without throwing it away.

After your move to Orlando, you may feel overwhelmed by all the boxes and other leftover moving supplies you may have laying around the house. However, when reusing leftover moving supplies, you’re saving energy and money in the long run, in more than just moving. You can also discover more ways that you can be reusing leftover moving supplies. If you have any creative ideas, leave us a review letting us know your favorite way to recycle your moving supplies!