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Pleasant Pumpkin Patches in Florida

A Florida Fall: Where to Go Pumpkin Picking in Florida

It’s hard to feel like it’s the beginning of fall in Florida – the leaves don’t change colors and “sweater weather” is just wishful thinking instead of actually necessary. A Floridian autumn doesn’t mean it’s not still hot, it just means the heat is no longer intolerable and you don’t feel like you’re melting just walking to the car. Feeling the fall vibes in Florida can definitely be a little hard, especially if you’re moving from a city where the leaves change color and you start legitimately wearing sweaters in September. The local Orlando movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage, however, know that there are still plenty of fall activities and pumpkin patches in Florida you can enjoy to get into the spirit of the season.

Santa's Farm

Southern Hill Farms

Club Lake Plantation


When Do Pumpkin Patches Start

Though the first day of fall typically begins at the end of September, you may not see pumpkin patches being advertised or open until a couple of weeks into October. Once they open, you will find all things fall inside! There are usually hayrides, or at least bales of hay to sit on for pictures, corn mazes, pumpkin-spiced goods for sale, and of course pumpkins to pick.


How to Pick a Pumpkin for Carving

Orlando movers know that the best quality makes a difference. Whether moving or picking the best pumpkin for carving, we want you to always have the best resources. Choosing the best pumpkin to carve may be harder than it seems. Follow these tips on how to pick a pumpkin for carving:

  1. When you find a pumpkin that catches your eye, pick it up and tap it. The pumpkin should be solid; when you knock on it, it should sound hollow inside.
  2. Make sure that the color is consistent throughout the entire pumpkin.
  3. Check for bad spots on the pumpkin like bruising, spots, or scratches.
  4. A fresh pumpkin will last longer. You can test how fresh it is by turning it upside down and pushing down with your thumbs. A squishy bottom indicates a rotting pumpkin.
  5. Make sure the pumpkin sits flat when you set it down.


You’re all set to go out and enjoy a full Florida Fall! If you are planning a move to Florida or the Orlando area, trust Orlando residential movers to take care of your move for you. We pride ourselves in making your move easy and stress-less, so that you enjoy your move and your new home!