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How to Properly Pack Books When Moving

Packing books is both an easy and challenging packing task. Because books come in all different sizes, packing them into a moving box is like a peaceful game of Tetris. However, because books come in all different sizes, they can make a moving box very heavy, very quickly. Getting ready for a move to Orlando and need to know the best way of packing books when moving? Our local movers in Orlando can tell you how. 


How to Pack Books When Moving 

Before packing books when moving, it’s best to decide if you’re going to be moving these boxes on your own, or through a moving company. If you’re going to be hiring a professional moving company, you will want to make sure that you’re not over-packing your boxes with books.

Check the Weight of Your Boxes
Many moving companies will charge you by the weight of your boxes. A good practice for packing books when moving is to sort through them and see which ones you have already read a few times and no longer need. Orlando movers recommend donating the books that you are no longer reading to a library or school.

Make Sure to Use Sturdy Boxes
The weight of books can cause the integrity of the moving boxes you’re using to weaken. When packing your books for a move, be sure to choose new, sturdy boxes over ones that have been used for a previous move. When putting the boxes together, don’t hesitate to go overboard with the boxing tape. Another thing to remember about packing books when moving is to make sure that there is no moisture inside the box and that no moisture can get in, either.

Pack Larger Books First
The best tip for packing books when moving is to make sure that the larger books are packed first and that they’re packed flat. This will allow for more space in the box for other books that you have to be packed properly and also act as a sturdy base.

How to Pack Hardcover Books for a Move

There are two ways that Orlando residential movers recommend for packing books when moving. If you are packing hardcover books you will want to either stand the books up in the boxes or lay them down on their spines. Packing your books this way will make sure that they are packed well in the box and that they avoid being damaged during your move or unpacking.

If your hardcover books are of great value, then you will want to line the bottom of the box with the proper packing supplies, such as bubble wrap. If you don’t want to purchase bubble wrap, you can also always use household objects, like towels.

When you’re ready to plan your next move in Orlando, contact All My Sons Moving & Storage. We pride ourselves on our expert movers and will be sure we apply the proper techniques for packing books when moving.