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Moving to Merritt Island, Florida with All My Sons Moving & Storage

Living in Merritt Island, Florida

Kissimmee, Florida has many beautiful neighborhoods within the city. Though our Kissimmee movers agree, Merritt Island is the by far the prettiest. Merritt Island is a coastal neighborhood in Kissimmee that is home to more than 35,000 Floridians. In fact, Merritt Island is the 86th largest community in the state of Florida!

When you move to Merritt Island, the first thing that you will notice is that the town is very quiet.  Merritt Island is a part of Kissimmee that is not heavily populated, despite the number of people that live there. The quietness of Merritt Island also comes from the fact that there are not a lot of college-aged students, young professionals, or renters on the island. A unique factor of Merritt Island is that it is a nautical, meaning that there are parts of Merritt Island that are historic and also touch the ocean, inlets or bays. Merritt Island’s coastal location is perfect for those who are looking to live on the water, or who simply enjoy spending time near the water. Merritt Island has a lot of waterfront activities for locals to enjoy.

Our Merritt Island movers know that when moving with a family of young kids, picking a neighborhood that has a good school is important. Merritt Island has some of the best public schools in the Kissimmee area. We are proud of the fact that the public schools in Merritt Island are so highly rated by parents.

Though the island may not have many college-aged students or young professionals on it, Merritt Island still has a great nightlife. If you are a young professional who is moving to Merritt Island, Florida, you will certainly have plenty to do on the weekends and late nights.

Things to Do in Merritt Island, Florida

Our Kissimmee Residential movers know that you have better things to do when you move to a new city than worry about unpacking. Its natural with the stresses of moving to just want to get out and enjoy the day in your new hometown. Our Merritt Island movers are here to take care of unpacking for you! We have listed some local places in Merritt Island for you to check out while we deal with the heavy lifting of your moving boxes.

Ulumay Wildlife Sanctuary
This large wetland area and bird preserve is surrounded by a dyke that offers visitors trails for hiking and canals for paddling or kayaking. Spend the day outside in the Florida sun!

Banana River Aquatic Preserve
A coastal aquatic preserve that has marshlands and mangroves. Spend the day on the water seeing manatees and other Florida wildlife.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
Check out the visitor’s center at NASA’S Kennedy Space Center! Explore the various exhibits and displays of historic space crafts, memorabilia and more.

Our Kissimmee local movers are confident in our ability to make sure that all customers have the easiest and best moving experience. With over more than 20 years of experience in moving families has made All My Sons Moving & Storage a well-known and respected name in the relocating industry. When you are preparing for your move to Merritt Island, contact All My Sons Moving & Storage to get the job done right. We are excited to welcome you to the neighborhood of Merritt Island and your new home!