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Daytona Beach At A Glance

Take a Look at Daytona Beach with All My Sons Movers

Being in Daytona Beach for the first time can cause excitement and anxiety. There's an enormous amount to take in. Your friends at All My Sons Moving & Storage want to help you transition into our community by preparing you with some things to expect.

There are beach cities and there are beach cities, and Daytona Beach, Florida is definitely the latter! Sporting the title of the World’s Most Famous Beach since the 1920’s, Daytona Beach movers love working in this racing-fixated, fun-loving town. You don’t have to have an affinity for racing or a Harley-Davidson to fall in love with Florida, but by the time your local Daytona Beach movers at All My Sons complete your move, you may develop one! 

Once separated as the towns of Daytona, Daytona Beach, and Seabreeze, the compacted sands of today’s Daytona Beach made this city a racing capital by the turn of the 20th century. The Daytona Beach Road Course witnessed 15 world land speed records from 1905 to 1935 before the first stock car race was held there in 1936. The Daytona International Speedway was built in 1959 as NASCAR, founded 12 years earlier, gained popularity. Now, hundreds of thousands of fans flock to Daytona Beach for races like the Daytona 500 and the Coke Zero 400, where you can see your friendly Daytona Beach movers cheering on their favorite car. Celebrations like Bike Week in march and Biketoberfest in October also bring part of the 8 million visitors to Daytona Beach each year. 

We know what you’re thinking, and the All My Sons Daytona Beach movers want to put your mind at ease! Isn’t Daytona Beach a wild and crazy spring break destination? It’s true that spring break thrill-seekers beeline to the beach, but Daytona Beach has recently pulled back on catering to this rowdy crowd. Focusing their efforts on a more family-friendly atmosphere, local government has succeeded in keeping Daytona safe and fun for all ages. As a family-oriented local moving company, the professional Daytona Beach movers are happy to fit right in! 

Don’t let the 23 miles of unspoiled, sandy beaches fool you. Residents and especially your Daytona Beach movers know that work balances play. Although tourism is one of Daytona Beach’s largest industries, many have singled out this Florida city for its dynamic business environment ideal for growing smaller or home-based businesses and corporate endeavors alike. The presence of Daytona Beach International Airport and freight transportation available on land and sea make commerce, not to mention long-distance moves provided by Daytona Beach movers, a breeze! 

Come sink your toes into the sand! All My Sons Moving and Storage has the best Daytona Beach movers ready to make your move to Daytona Beach hassle-free.