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Cleaning Tips When You Have Allergies

Have you cleaned every surface in your home but still have allergies? There’s a chance something is still bothering you. When you have allergies, various irritants can bring about sneezing or itchy eyes. Our Orlando long-distance movers compiled their best cleaning tips for those with allergies, so you can be comfortable in your new home.


Stay Clear of Dust

Your home may appear spotless, but it’s not clean until you eliminate dust. Be sure to dust every surface to reduce allergens in the home. Commonly missed places include the top of cabinets, fans, and picture frames. Carpet and fabric surfaces pose a significant risk for those with allergies. Remove these surfaces or clean them frequently. If allergies persist, invest in an air filter. Dust is a common allergen so remember to wear a mask when cleaning.


Wash Your Bedding

Make sure to wash your bedding once a week to reduce allergies in your home. Include comforters, sheets, pillowcases, and blankets in a thorough rinse cycle. As previously mentioned, dust is a major allergen, so consider purchasing a protective cover for your mattress. Our cleaning tips suggest that you should wash bedding at hot temperatures.


Reduce Pet Allergies

Don’t let allergies stop you from living with your favorite furry friends. There are many cleaning tips to mitigate pet allergens in the home. If you don’t own a pet, try to find a hypoallergenic animal to lessen the risk of a reaction. For current pet owners, brush and bathe your pet to reduce the amount of fur in the home and air. Fur is an irritant, so be sure to vacuum regularly. It also helps to declutter your home to reduce the surfaces that collect dust and fur.


Sensitive Cleaning Products

If you have scoured every inch of your home and cannot find the cause of your allergies, it may be your cleaning products. One of our best cleaning tips is to check the ingredients in your household disinfectants. Chemical irritants can negatively affect eyes and skin. Shop around for sensitive cleaning products as alternatives. Additionally, latex gloves have been found to irritate people with sensitive skin. For your safety, pay attention to how you feel after you disinfect your home.


Put these cleaning tips to use when you move to Orlando with our trusted Orlando local movers. You have enough to take care of with those pesky allergies. Let us manage your move so you focus on setting up an allergy-free home. For more information, and a free quote, call our Orlando moving company today.


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