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Finding a Handyman and Other Service Providers

Do you have a list of needed home repairs but are struggling to find a handyman suitable for the job after your move to Fort Lauderdale? Whether your home needs minor or major home repairs, the search for a dependable and skilled handyman is not easy. Fortunately, our movers in Fort Lauderdale put together a list of ways to find professional lawn services, plumbers, contractors, and other service providers in your area.

How to Find a Handyman – Web Services

Angie’s List. Use Angie’s List to choose a jack of all trades for your home. Angie’s List is a home services website that provides free access to descriptions, reviews, and ratings for local home repair. Feel comfortable with the service provider you choose with Angie’s List’s verified reviews, background checks, phone support, and quality service guarantees. Angie’s List is a reputable source for all the help you’ll need to find for your Fort Lauderdale home.

Home Advisor. Search Home Advisor to find a handyman of “exceptional quality, service, and value.” In fact, Home Advisor awards maintenance providers that are pre-screened, highly rated, and received zero complaints in the last six months. To hire a handyman for your home project, simply input your zip code, type of service, urgency, and extent of a project(s). Home Advisor offers access to general, electrical, plumbing, landscaping, carpentry, and additional services.

How to Find a Handyman – Local Services

Board of Realtors. Use your county’s local Board of Realtor's website to find service providers. Each website has an “Affiliates” tab that takes you to a list of local and recommended services. This page offers a wide array of services, including a handyman, doctor, and insurance agencies.

Hardware Store. Ask your local hardware store to recommend a trusted home repairman. The employees may even be able to help you with minor home repairs! You can meet people in your community and have a place to go for tools if you want to do your own home projects.

Moving Company. Call the Fort Lauderdale local movers for a list of professional handymen. The team at All My Sons Moving & Storage knows the community and will happily provide you with a handyman in Fort Lauderdale. If you have yet to reach your new home, our Fort Lauderdale long distance movers will support your move and share knowledge of local service providers.

Other ways to find the perfect handyman for your needs is to ask for recommendations from your friends. If your friends have used a good handyman or company for a need that you may have, their recommendation will hold more value to you than one found online. Or you can also ask if your friends have used a reputable handyman you have found online to see if the review you read is accurate.



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