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The Acreage at a Glance

The Acreage was initially developed by Samuel Friedland and the Royal Palm Beach Colony, Inc., with the initial name of Royal Palm Beach Colony and the purpose of housing workers of the Callery Judge and Mecca Citrus Groves. There is a plethora of wildlife in the area, such as alpacas, ibis, iguanas, snakes and peacocks, among other creatures. The area is known for being a blurry spot between suburban and rural, and many residents have horses and other wildlife on their property. Recent development spreading outwards from West Palm Beach has urged the city to file for incorporation and preservation.

Schools, shopping, and businesses exist on the outskirts of The Acreage. Most of the center of The Acreage is residential with scattered garden nurseries. There is also an exclusive country club, among four total country clubs, located in The Acreage called the Ibis Country Club, where homes commonly cost over $3 million.

The Acreage movers would love for you to come check out our town and experience what it is like to live among undeveloped land and wide open green spaces. If you want to move to The Acreage, be sure to contact your friendly local movers to help you settle in to the area.