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Royal Palm Beach is a suburban village located in the western-central side of beautiful Palm Beach County. In 2008, census data showed that the village had a population of 31,864, up from the 2008 population of 21,523. Royal Palm Beach has been developed upon an area where Florida swampland and Seminole Indian hunting grounds existed until about 1960. Royal Palm Beach is known for the community space in the village such as parks and developed green space that encompasses 25 acres. Outdoor sports and community leagues for soccer, basketball, tennis, football and more are offered for children, as well as golf and other senior activities for older residents.

Public safety is a strong pillar of the community in Royal Palm Beach, and it has been a core concern since the village was first developed. Policing duties are currently contracted out to the Palm Beach County Sherriff’s Department, saving residents significantly on their taxes. Fire department services are also managed by the county, following a merger in 2009 that gave the equipment and personnel responsibilities to the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue.

Shopping has expanded significantly in the last decade, with a wide array of commercial shops within a five minutes drive. Royal Palm Beach has grown significantly since its inception, with amenities now available that allow a person to be born, grow up, play sports, go to school, seek medical attention and more—all within an 8 mile radius where swampland stood not so long ago.

If you are looking to move to an area of South Florida that is heavy on family values and convenient to big city metros, look no further than Royal Palm Beach, Florida.