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Employee Ownership

Why this unique model gives us a key competitive advantage

All My Sons Moving & Storage is not only a four-generation family business, we are actually owned by our employees. This means that each and every individual we employ has a personal stake in the success of our company. Such a model is extremely unique in an industry where most companies are content to franchise out their business to a select few managing partners. So what does the employee-owned advantage mean to you as our customer?

First of all, it means that we as a company are held accountable not by stockholders or board members, but by the day-to-day employees that make our business success possible. Those who work on the ground floor are the ones who run the show, not the ones in the top-floor corner offices. This dynamic results in a lean company, without the wasteful excesses of a typical top-down corporation. And the savings are passed on to you!

Secondly, it means that our primary focus will always be on providing excellent service to you as our customer. There is an undeniable sense of pride that comes with being a part-owner in the company you work for. It enables our employees to take real ownership of the job they do. The sense of responsibility that comes with this designation ensures that our employees will give you nothing but their absolute best in all aspects of the moving process.

To put it simply: employee-ownership results in an efficient company comprised of motivated, passionate individuals. And when the employees of your moving company are happy, you’ll be happy with the service they provide! From our family to yours, we invite you to come experience the employee-owned difference here at All My Sons.