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11 Tips for a Successful Move to Corpus Christi

How much do you know about moving? Think about it, if you had 30 days to move into a new home, do you know exactly how you would utilize your time and allocate your resources? For a successful move to Corpus Christi, you’ll need to be at the top of your game. There’s always a multitude of items to tackle. Knowing what to expect from your All My Sons Corpus Christi packing services is one of those things. Understanding what packing supplies are needed is another. Are you moving your office? Planning a long-distance move? These are all challenging tasks that you need to be prepared for...and prepared you will be! Our professional movers have outlined everything you need to do for a stress-free move.

Start as Soon as Possible

Whatever you do, avoid leaving tasks for the last minute. A prime mistake that inexperienced movers make is thinking that they can just “wing it.” They believe that moving isn’t that big of a deal. On the contrary, it is a life changing experience that involves several moving parts. To begin, create a moving checklist that includes everything you need to do between the time you decide to relocate, up until the first few days of moving into your new home. It should be itemized with responsibilities that need to be accomplished each week.


Research Moving Companies in Corpus Christi
The last thing you’ll want to do is rely on the assistance of friends and family if you’re planning a large move. Even if it’s a local move, a lot can go wrong if you don’t have capable help. It’s better to seek the assistance of professional Corpus Christi movers. However, it’s important to note that each Corpus Christi moving company is different from the next. In fact, some are down right horrible. Moving scams are easy to fall victim to if you’re not careful, to make sure you don't, check out these 5 questions to ask when researching movers. Corpus Christi moving companies who practice shady business tactics, prey on first-time movers who are unaware of how the business goes. It’s tough finding local movers on a whim, which is why it’s a good idea to go with the safest choice-- All My Sons Moving & Storage. Why? Because All My Sons movers have built a 20-year reputation for being one of the best moving companies around. Talk to your movers about your moving needs and schedule a home evaluation. Especially if you’re moving in the summer.

Review Your Inventory and Make Some Decisions

Ok, you know that you want to move, but you need to decide what you’re moving as well. Chances are that if you were to go through every room in your home, only 70%-80% of your belongings would make it out of your house and onto the moving truck. Don’t waste valuable time wiping the dust off forgotten appliances, only to have them collect more dust in your new home. Organize a yard sale asap! If you don’t use it, sale it. If it’s never seen the light of day, get rid of it, and if you’ve forgotten about it, you won’t miss it. Not only will you be able to profit off things you no longer want, you’ll also save on your moving expenses by giving your movers less to move and not needing to purchase as many packing supplies. Which brings us to our next item...

Buy Packing Supplies for Your Move

After going through your personal belongings, you should be asking yourself, “What packing supplies do I need when moving?” The type of move you’re planning will heavily impact what packing products you buy. If you have a large family and moving items from a 4 or 5-bedroom home, you’ll find that your move will differ greatly from that of someone moving from a single bedroom apartment. You’ll want to make sure that you have the following packing supplies:

Cardboard Boxes | Scissors | Box Cutters | Moving Blankets | Dolly/Hand truck | Packaging Tape | Package Labels | Sharpies | Bubble Wrap/Packing Peanuts

While some of these are common, you’ll find that not every general hardware store has what you need. So, if you want to purchase packing supplies in Corpus Christi, you’ll be better off going straight to the source, your Corpus Christi moving company.  

Start Making Some Calls
Open your address book and begin making calls to anyone and everyone who needs to be informed of your upcoming move. For instance, if you have children, it’s a good idea to call their school and inform the administration and their teachers (if need be) that they will be transferring soon. Also, contact the school that they will be transferring to and find out what you need to do to get them registered.

You should also make appointments with your doctor and/or pet’s veterinarian before you move. This is especially important if you’re making a long-distance move. You’ll want to obtain any necessary medical records to give to your new doctor if you’re switching. Otherwise, it’s just better to have your check-ups before you move, as settling into your new home can take longer than you may anticipate. At about 30 days in advance, you’ll want to arrange to have utilities such as lights, cable, water, heating, transferred to your new home and disconnected from the one you’re moving from. This prevents you from accumulating extra charges during the time where you’ll be away from the property.

Get in Touch with Your Apartment or Community Association for Move-In Rules
If you’re moving into a gated neighborhood, apartment or condo association, chances are that there are certain regulations on when you can move in. It’s important to not only find out what these rules are, but to also relay them to your Corpus Christi movers. While there’s a possibility that you can just move whenever you want, without consequence, that’s not always the case. Don’t make the mistake of pulling up with a moving truck full of boxes at 7pm, when the cut off time for moving was 5pm. It’s important to find out all these details ahead of time before running into a major setback on moving day.

Begin Packing

The packing aspect of moving is probably the most tedious and frustrating part of the entire process. While there are ways to pack your family’s belongings in a way that makes it less of a painful task, it’s always best to use professional packers for these matters. Still, if you prefer to do things on your own, then you’ll want to start as early as possible. You should already have purchased your packing supplies, so begin with one room and then move on to the next.

Typically, the kitchen is the best place to start going to work in. Consume as many of your perishable as possible, because the back of the moving van is not a great environment for food to be in. Make sure that you label the contents of each box, along with the room it belongs in. This is especially important when packing fragile items.

Make Arrangements for a Sitter

If you have small children or pets, then you’ll need to find a sitter for them on moving day. Simply put, there’s going to be a ton of things going on and you’ll need to focus on delegating tasks and making sure that things are moving along accordingly. Children, as wonderful as they are, can be quite needy and that’s not conducive to a stress-free moving day. People who have dogs and cats find out the hard way that pets aren’t helpful with moving. When your Corpus Christi movers arrive to pack and/or transport your belongings, pets can get in the way and potentially injure themselves or the movers.

Keep Your Valuables with You
While it’s true that the movers of your Corpus Christi moving company are there to assist you, it’s better for everyone that any cash, jewelry or other valuables are out of reach and put away safely. Things happen when moving. Perhaps a small jewelry box was packed away unexpectedly and you felt that the movers took it. This can be uncomfortable when the box shows up later in your new home. For everyone’s sake, if something is precious and important to you, it should be with you always or at least in a place where you feel it’s secure.

Pack Your Essentials Box

The most important thing you’ll need when you arrive in your new home is your box of essentials. What is the essential items box you say? Well this is going to be everything you “need” for the first couple of days in your new home. This includes your toothbrush, soap, cell phone chargers, pajamas, clothes, etc. Put it this way, if you had to live on an island for a week with nothing but the contents of a medium - large sized box, what would put in there?

Moving Day! What You Need to Do!
If you’ve done everything listed, then this should be a breeze. If not, happy stressing! When the moving professionals arrive, make sure that things are clean, there’s no clutter and that there’s a clear path to the moving truck. This helps the movers load everything quickly and effectively. It’s also a good idea to have snacks and beverages on hand. Moving is hard work. Whether it’s you doing the moving or the movers you’ve hired, someone is going to get hungry and thirsty.

Remember, although it’s not necessary for you to do any of the heavy lifting, it is important that you’re involved in the moving process. Let your movers know of any special handling that needs to be done with your moving boxes. Be available to answer any questions that your movers may have. They are there to help you, so help them help you!