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Where to Donate Unwanted Holiday Presents in Connecticut

The holidays are a cheerful time to spend time with loved ones. Holidays are also infamous for giving gifts to friends, family and even acquaintances. Sometimes you get a pair of shoes that don’t fit, a sweater that isn’t flattering, a bicycle that’s too small, or maybe your kids received a toy they already have. Instead of returning or exchanging these unwanted gifts you could donate to those who are less fortunate this holiday season. All My Sons Connecticut Moving and Storage explains where to donate unwanted holiday presents.

Homeless Shelters

If you received unwanted clothing items during the holiday season, you could donate them to homeless shelters. Those knitted socks you received from your in-laws, too-small sweater from your neighbor, and those jeans that are definitely not the correct size could be given to someone less fortunate. Tons of local homeless shelters would gladly accept your clothing donations. According to our Connecticut local movers, Connecticut can get relatively cold during the holiday time, and homeless citizens would greatly appreciate any clothes you are looking to gift them. While you are donating your unwanted gifts, you can also clean out your closet and bring even more clothing items to your local Connecticut homeless shelters. So, if you are unsure where to donate unwanted holiday presents, remember there are various homeless shelters in our community that will gladly accept your donations.

Foster Programs

The holidays are supposed to be a cheerful and enjoyable time, but for foster children, it can be an upsetting and unsettling time. A great way to brighten up a kid who was separated from their biological parents is to donate your surplus presents. According to our Connecticut residential movers, Connecticut has several foster programs that will gladly accept your generous gifts. If your children were gifted toys that aren’t appropriate for them or they are utterly uninterested in the toys they received, then you can re-gift them to a Connecticut foster program. You can also donate any children’s clothes, games, books and craft supplies to the Connecticut foster programs. Organize your presents into separate piles and keep in mind foster programs are where you can donate your unwanted holiday presents.

Children’s Hospitals

It’s genuinely upsetting to know some kids are in the hospital during the holidays. If your children were gifted one too many presents this holiday season, you could cheer up a child in the hospital with your donation. According to our Connecticut long-distance movers, children’s hospitals accept toys, games, portable music players, arts and crafts, and blankets around the holidays. By gifting your unwanted gifts to the children’s hospitals, you are giving these kids a cheerier holiday than they probably expected. Some Connecticut hospitals may have different policies and procedures, so make sure you contact the hospitals to learn more about their donation policies.

No matter what you do this holiday season in Connecticut, know where to donate unwanted holiday presents to those who are less fortunate. Our team of professionals wishes you a happy and healthy holiday!