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What to Look for in a Moving Company

When on the hunt for the right moving company in Connecticut, you want to take into consideration multiple factors aside from who is the cheapest or closest. Naturally, everyone wants more bang for their buck—but cheap and close don’t necessarily mean that you’ll get a good quality move. Here are a couple things to keep an eye out for when searching for the best Connecticut relocation services:


 infographic on what to look for in a moving company


A reputable moving company will take down a complete inventory of the belongings you’re moving to the new place. Just as well, they will determine the size and weight of it all. The moving estimator should have a thorough look throughout the house, not missing a nook or cranny. They should account for all spaces, bedrooms, living rooms, drawers and cupboards, closets, the shed out back, and other storage spaces throughout your property. This way, your estimate will be completely accurate.

Personal Recommendations

You’ll want to get a good idea of who will be moving your stuff, right? Ask around—friends, family, colleagues you trust to give you a solid opinion on local movers in Connecticut. There is always a possibility that these people may have had a negative experience with a moving company that is still well-rated, so it could be one bad banana out of the bunch, but it is still useful information. The opposite applies as well; maybe someone had a very positive experience with a relatively new mover whose web-presence is non-existent or not yet strong.


Be sure to check a few different outlets for reviews like Google, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Facebook, and Movers.com, among others. The more reviews and ratings, the more likely you can trust the average rating you see on the internet. Higher average ratings with more reviews are typically indicative of a great mover.

Licensing and Insurance

Do yourself a favor and never hire a moving company in Connecticut that is not licensed and insured. As nice as they may be, as cheap as their rates might get, you’re not going to want to entrust them with your move. In the case of accidents, they have no coverage—no way to recuperate your losses—so, if they break your $2000 TV, it’s game over: you’ll have to replace it all on your own with no help. If you’re not worried about licensing and insurance, you might as well just spend the money to have friends and family help you move your belongings—at least you’ll know them. If you’re looking to hire a mover, be sure they’re licensed and insured. It’s worth it.


You want to be clear on your rate. A moving company cannot accurately quote a price for your move over the phone or without otherwise having taken an inventory or a thorough walk-through of your home in order to assess what the cost will be. Be sure to ask about what constitutes an extra fee, such as heavy objects, disassembly, negotiating stairs or elevators, the areas in which the moving truck will need to load and/or unload, and any other questions you may have. If the company will not give you direct answers, this could make for a shady deal, and you might want to speak with another moving company.

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