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What Is Stamford, CT Known For?

So, you’re thinking of shipping off to New England, or somewhere close. If you’re a history buff, this is the region for you. The roots of American history were planted along this north Atlantic coast. Cities like Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia spill over with historical landmarks and sites. The area carries with it the same marvelous and bustling energy in modern times. If you want to live along the edge of historic cities without the painstaking hassle of traversing the metropolis, Stamford, CT maybe the answer for you. Before you commit to a move, you’re going to want to know what Stamford is known for.

At All My Sons Connecticut Moving and Storage knows how exciting it is to be looking into making a move. If you need a professional team of movers, call upon our Connecticut movers. Let’s take a look at a bit of the history of this city and what Stamford is known for.

History of Stamford, CT

While it would be centuries before the city was federally incorporated, the history of Stamford, CT starts in the mid-1600s. The deed to the land which would become Stamford was signed July 1, 1640, by colonists and the chief of the local Siwanoy Native American tribe. It played mainly as a merchandising harbor due to its proximity to New York City.

During the Revolutionary War, Fort Stamford was erected to ward off British forces. During the war’s peak, it hosted 800 rebel soldiers. The site of Fort Stamford is now a historical park that our movers in Stamford, CT love to frequent on the summer weekends.

After becoming a building site for New York City residents’ summer homes, Stamford was finally incorporated in 1983 as a city. During the 1960s, commercial real estate started growing in Stamford while corporations relocated from New York City. This spurred rapid urban development in the area, giving us the Stamford we know and love today.

What is Stamford, CT, Known For?

Found in the southwestern corner of Connecticut, Stamford is less than an hour away from New York City – depending on the traffic, of course. Its access to the major highway that connects Boston and New York City makes Stamford one of the more convenient New England cities outside of the major metropolises. This city is also known as the home of the dry electric shaver industry.

Located in Fairfield County, Stamford has become known as "the city that works." With a significant industrial presence, Stamford has seen its population climb as it houses more company headquarters and branches. It now harbors nine Fortune 500 companies. The financial district in Stamford is the largest in the area, outside of the world-famous Wall Street district in New York City.

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