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Moving Long-Distance to Connecticut with a Pet

Moving long-distance is stressful enough as a human, but now throw pets into that equation and you are freaked out even more about how and where to start. The first step, relax, All My Sons Connecticut Moving and Storage has got you covered when it comes to moving long-distance to Connecticut with a pet.


 Infographic about moving with a pet



One of the most crucial steps when it comes to moving long-distance with a pet is setting a proper plan before the actual relocation day. Start the day you are sure that you will be moving and prepare a list of the tasks that need to get done before the move. Check off each item as you complete them, but always have a backup plan in mind in case things to go as expected.

On your moving to-do list, you should definitely include a visit to the vet for a checkup and take the opportunity to ask the vet for your pet’s medical records as well as other things you should consider when traveling with a pet over so many miles. While you’re at it, ask them if they have any recommendations for other vets in your new neighborhood. There is a lot that goes into moving long-distance to Connecticut with a pet, but if you create a well-thought-out plan it won’t be as stressful and you won’t feel as much pressure.


What to Pack for Your Pet

While you may know what and how to pack your own belongings for the long-distance move, don’t forget about your pet’s needs as well. Once you have finished packing your essential night bag, start creating one for your pet as well. An essential bag for your pet should include, food, toys, medication (if they take any), a leash plus a spare just in case, and perhaps a favorite blanket of theirs. If applicable, prepare a kennel with their bed to make it more a comfortable journey for your pet.


The Long Car Drive

The long car ride should be comfortable for you and your pet. We know what we need to ensure a pleasant car ride, but pets are a little more difficult to figure out.

Cats: If you are moving long-distance with a cat you need to have sufficient air conditioning and a litter box. (You can buy a small disposable litter box from any convenience store or supermarket.) Depending on how skittish your cat is and how they do in cars, in general, you may want to keep them in their cage. Let them out at rest stops for water, food, and perhaps a bathroom break that’s not confined to the car. Pack some extra treats to help keep your cat calm.

Dogs: Traveling long-distance with a dog is a little easier compared to cats. Your dog just requires a kennel, water, food and of course a leash. If your dog is known to jump around in the car, you may want to buy a barrier to help prevent your dog from jumping into your lap while driving. Make sure to stop at plenty of pet-friendly rest stops so they can use the bathroom and go for a walk. Some rest stops even have a little doggy park so they can run around and use up some of that pent-up energy.


The Final Stretch Home

That last piece of advice our expert Connecticut movers want to share is to always buckle up your pet carrier. In a worst-case scenario, your pet may not survive if they aren’t secured with a seat belt. You want to treat your pet’s safety better than you would your own. Look for a pet carrier that has a loop for a seatbelt to go through to securely fasten it to the seat. Aside from worst-case scenarios, imagine how uncomfortable it must feel to be sliding back and forth or side-side because it’s not secure. Be vigilant on the roads and don’t get distracted. Moving long-distance to Connecticut with a pet doesn’t have to be stressful, just call our pet-friendly Connecticut moving company for more information regarding our long-distance moving services.