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How to Prevent Injuries When Packing

Moving on your own without the help of a professional mover can be stressful and dangerous. There is a lot of planning involved before you move to Connecticut, as well as several techniques you could use in preventing injuries when packing and moving heavy boxes or furniture. To help you prevent moving injuries, All My Sons Connecticut Moving and Storage shares their best tips and tricks on how to lift when moving and make sure you don’t cause a serious injury.

Avoiding Back Injuries

When lifting heavy items such as a couch or bed, we put the strain on our lower backs which can cause serious harm to your health. In order to prevent back injuries when packing you need to use your knees. It is important to know your limit when lifting and try to not exceed that; trust a professional mover such as our Connecticut movers, either local or long-distance movers, who are trained in handling heavy items.


Avoiding Broken Bones

Trust us when we say you don’t want a broken finger or toe. Not only is the healing process difficult but the medical bills can add up. Before picking anything up and moving it, make sure your path is free of any obstacles to decrease the chances of tripping over something, causing injury or damage to your belongings. Aside from bending at the knee, make sure you have a good grip on the object you are carrying and ask for assistance if necessary. It’s vital that you and your partner communicate where you are going, if there are any obstacles in the way, and when you need to stop for a moment to readjust your grip or even catch your breath. When you’re ready to set the object down, again, communicate with your partner and set it down gently.


Wearing the Proper Clothing

The items of clothing you wear probably aren’t part of the preparations before you move, but proper attire can make your move safer, preventing injuries, and more comfortable. If you wear open-toed shoes, you could stub your toes on the corner of some furniture, especially in the chaos inside the house as well as the moving van, or a heavy box could fall on your feet by mistake. Pants that are too long and drag on the floor could get caught on something, causing you to trip. On the other hand, wearing shorts doesn’t protect your skin from potential scrapes and cuts, especially around glass or other sharp objects. Instead, opt for close-toed shoes, preferably a pair with a hard toe box for better protection, pants that fit well in length, as well as gloves, readily available at any hardware store, to better grip furniture and other objects.


First-Aid Kit

Injuries are bound to happen, though. Even the professionals have had minor scrapes here and there. Always make sure to have a first-aid kit on hand when moving, just in case. Cleaning and attending to your wounds as soon as possible prevents infection and unnecessary complications.


Enlisting the Help of a Professional

In the end, the only way to prevent injuries when packing up to move is by hiring a professional local or long-distance moving company to do the work for you. Our Connecticut movers have been perfecting their techniques for years with all our experience moving individuals and families. Our Connecticut moving company also offers packing services, which includes packing supplies as well. Contact us to learn more on how we can help you safely move to Connecticut and to learn more about the services we offer.