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How to Move in The Rain | All My Sons Moving & Storage

The summer season means a lot of rain. Moving in that rain might seem like a hassle but the truth is it’s not as complicated as you think. With the help of All My Sons Connecticut Moving and Storage, we have put together some professional tips to help you move to Connecticut in the rain.

Waterproof Everything

Don’t want damages to your household items? Waterproof everything! Instead of buying cardboard moving boxes you may want to invest in plastic boxes instead. As a bonus, you can use them to organize your items in the garage or elsewhere in the house after the move. However, if you do not want to spend money on plastic boxes you don’t think you’ll use again, you can also wrap your boxes in the plastic stretch wrap, which can be found online, at your local office supply store, or a home improvement store. If you’re really in a bind, use a garbage bags. As an added protection, you could use all those grocery bags you’ve accumulated under the sink to wrap items inside the box. If you need specialty boxes or waterproof materials for the move, our Connecticut packing supplies have what you need. Our professional movers will provide the items per your request.

Coverage Is Your Friend

This part might seem like a no-brainer but avoid the rain by minimizing the distance between the house and the moving truck. If you have a garage, that’s even better because you can ask the local Connecticut movers to back the moving truck up to the garage as much as possible and avoid not only the rain, but tracking mud inside the house. If you do not have the luxury of a garage then set up a tent along the path to the moving truck.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Make sure to have proper clothing on when you are attempting to move to Connecticut in the rain. As residents in a state that is close to the ocean, we are no strangers to rain, which means that the chances of you owning a pair of rain boots are pretty high. Choose clothing that will dry quickly and allows you full range of motion. Do not wear baggy clothing, jeans, or sandals. These articles of clothing might snag on the corner of some furniture or you could fall over and get hurt. If you wear clothing that’s too tight, you’ll be too constricted to comfortably carry boxes or lift furniture without risk of injuring yourself.

Prepping Your Home For The Rain

When the movers arrive at your house on a rainy day you can expect the floors to get wet and slick, which is the perfect recipe to cause someone to slip and fall. You can prevent the floors from getting too wet a few different ways. Lay old towels at the entrance of the house so the movers could wipe their feet as they’re coming inside. You could also stay inside the house and move boxes closer to the front door or into the garage so the movers don’t have to go all the way inside to grab a box. Keep a mop handy to soak up any excess water or puddles throughout the day. Turn on fans and air conditioning to circulate cold air and dry the floors faster as well as prevent mold from developing.

Contact a Moving Service

Moving to Connecticut in the rain is a job better left to the professionals. Hire a full-service moving company to do the work for you. Our movers are experts at handling any worst-case scenarios and tricky weather conditions such as a torrential down pour or thunderstorm. You can always inquire about our storage facilities if you need to delay the move due to rain. Call our moving consultants today to learn more about the service we offer and how we can help you move to Connecticut in the rain.