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How to Keep Pets Safe on Moving Day

Moving day is coming up! That’s right, your move to Connecticut is about to commence! You’ve got your new home chosen, everything’s all packed and ready to go, and you’re ready to boogie on forward—but wait, what about your pets? Your pets are part of the family too—but their safety during the big move might require a few extra precautions. Moving isn’t the easiest process in the whole world and moving with pets can be an even greater challenge, so we’ve compiled a few helpful tips to help you keep your beloved non-human pals calm, cool, collected, and safe on moving day.

One idea to keep your pets safe is to bring the to a trusted friend, family-member, or a professional pet-sitter. The main goal is to make sure of their safety and minimize the amount of stress they may feel—yes, pets can feel stress too! If you decide to keep your pet home with you while you move out, you should keep them in a relatively quiet, unused, and otherwise empty room aside from their food, water, litter box, a few toys, and/or a bed—if applicable. This is mainly for the whole packing and loading process.

Now, if you’re making a local move, consider taking your pet to the new home first, if possible, so long as you or someone else who can take care of them will be there. This way, they won’t get in the way, distract you, or be overly stressed out. Just as well, they may become more comfortable with and akin to their new environment.

If your move is a long-distance move to Connecticut, be sure to get them a comfortable kennel, cage, carrier, or even a pet car seat for the ride! Either of these will keep your pet safe and relatively happy for the duration of the move. Care.com has wonderful tips for pet travel safety as well, and they could be a useful source for helping you move with your pets to Connecticut.

It would be wise to also speak with a veterinarian about the upcoming move. The vet will issue a final health check-up, give you your pet’s health records if applicable, and may even prescribe some medications for your little friend to make the move much more comfortably. They may also recommend that you help your pet acclimate to their new environment quicker than they may on their own. This could include taking them on a few walks a day (maybe one or two more than you normally would), allow your pet to snoop around the new home a little bit and become familiar with the place, and, perhaps, consider crate-training or re-training them for their new home.

Follow these tips and your pet will be even more thankful to have your love and be your friend!

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