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How to Get the Kids Involved on Moving Day

Moving to Connecticut can be a stressful and complicated process as it is, but, moving with kids to Connecticut can be even trickier. Now, you have a few different options for what to do with the kids. You can leave them with family or friends, enroll them in a daycare temporarily, or you can let them hang around and (hopefully) lend a hand with the move. Now, if you have an infant or a young one that isn’t quite capable of assisting with the move, either of the other options would be your best bet for making the move a bit less of a headache for you.

If you choose to involve the kids in the move to Connecticut, there are a few things you can do to involve them. Keep in mind, children love to be involved, and oftentimes, like to mimic their parents. Be sure to be both a good role model and parent as well, let them help with organizing, cleaning, packing, and whatever they see you doing for the move!

Allow your kids to pack their own box.Maybe it’s not all the big, heavy, and super important stuff to you, but to them, it’s the stuff they love and enjoy the most. When they do decide to pack their own box, help them in making sure that they have done it right. If their box is only filled halfway, consider asking them to add a few extra things to fill it up or, perhaps, ask them to use a smaller box.

Teach your kids how to pack properly. If they would like to pack more than just their own items, and maybe help pack dishes, sit down with them and teach the how to carefully pack the dishes. Fill and wrap glasses with packing paper, wrap dishes in packing paper or bubble wrap, pad the boxes properly.

Turn it into a game. Perhaps the most effective way to get kids involved in your move to Connecticut is to either allow them to create a game, or, come up with a game for them to play. This can be a game that contributes to packing, organizing, carrying items place-to-place, or even cleaning. From basketball to who can do the most in whatever amount of time—be sure there’s some sort of reward, too! A good reward could be ice cream, their choice for dinner, a monetary prize, or some fun time away from the hustle and bustle of the move!

Even if you decide to get a team of movers to help you with the move, your kids can be involved with just about any step along the way. Give All My Sons Connecticut Moving and Storage a call today for a free, no-obligation quote you and your kids will love!