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How to Get Organized for a Move

Now that you know you’re making the move to Connecticut, it’s time to get the ball rolling! One of the first things you should do in preparation for the move is to clean and organize. Sometimes, this is easier said than done, but we hope that with what we have to say, you can make the move much easier for yourself and your family. Besides, if you need a hand, All My Sons Connecticut Moving and Storage is always here!


The first step to proper organization would be to clean up your house—nobody wants to operate in any sort of mess. Get to clearing out any garbage you may have lying around, get dishes into the sink or dishwasher, sweep, dust, and vacuum where applicable. You don’t necessarily need to get down to painstaking detail, like washing your carpets, polishing all the wood and metal items, or any of that. Just a simple cleaning of your home so that you can function efficiently.


After you’ve finished cleaning, the next thing you should do is straighten-up each room so that you know where everything is. When you’ve straightened up, you should then sort through it all and figure out what you’re keeping and what you’re ready to part with. Doing this with your belongings can be an arduous task—it can be full of tough decisions. Set aside a bin or box for items you’re ready to get rid of, whether you’re selling it, donating it, or giving it to a friend or family member. Remember, if you’re simply throwing it away, just put it in the trash!

Now that that’s out of the way, you have everything that you’re going to be keeping. Now you must figure out how to sort that stuff! Consider separating your immediate necessary items first. Whatever you need within arm’s reach at any given point in time during the move to Connecticut, be sure that you have a box, bag, or bin set aside and easily accessible for these items. Then, perhaps begin categorizing your belongings.


Now that sorting is essentially finished, you should now begin the similar task of categorizing your belongings. From clothes to furniture to bedding to dishes and so on, you should be categorizing room-by-room, setting spots, boxes, bins, or other containers for each category of items.

You can also subcategorize, which can be very useful with your clothes. You won’t need summer clothes during the winters in Connecticut and vice versa, so you can separate your clothes by season and use. The same goes for dishes and kitchenware, you can divvy it all up by use and necessity. If you feel like you can subcategorize your items, then feel free! Naturally, though, you don’t want to use too broad of a category because that can make the move frustrating and confusing. Nor do you want to use too specific a category, otherwise too many individual items, or few small items will get their own boxes.


We at All My Sons Moving & Storage will ensure your move to Connecticut will go smoothly so you won’t have to worry about a thing. Our full-service Connecticut movers are also expert packers—so if you need help with organizing and packing-up, give us a call and invest in our Connecticut packing services! Get your free, no-obligation quote today!