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How to Downsize Before Moving

Moving to Connecticut and need to downsize? Maybe you’re not downsizing, per se, but you want to get rid of stuff, perhaps to get new items for the new place? We’ve got some tips on downsizing to make your move to Connecticut a bit easier.

Now, this is all going to be tricky to take in, so brace yourself a bit. One of the most challenging things to do with your belongings is to downsize. There’s a good reason for this difficulty: we’re all biased! That’s right. When downsizing, you have to objectively decide what goes and what stays due to sentimental nature and attachment to our belongings. Don’t fret, though, you can do it!

All My Sons Connecticut Moving and Storage recommends categorizing your belongings room-by-room. Electronics, pillows and bedding, clothes, toys, knick-knacks and decorations, flatware and dishes, office products, et cetera, et cetera. This could take a little bit of time to get done, but it will make this whole process much easier and less overwhelming. Once everything is categorized, start going through it. Separate these things into a keep pile and a get-rid-of-pile.

In the keep pile, you should have items that:

•You cannot live without

•You need

•Honestly make you happy and bring you joy

•Are very useful

In the disposal pile, you should have items that

•You’re going to sell

•Are duplicates of other items

•Are broken and unfixable or not worth fixing

•You feel indifferent about

•Are not useful

When it comes to clothes, many of us can be reluctant to get rid of just about anything. Frequently, we’re sorting through clothes and think “well, this is still in good condition,” and we tend to keep more than we need or more than we really should. Maybe it’s time to consider the frequency of use instead of the condition of the item. Sure, it might be useful sometime in the future, but that’s all indeterminate. When that time of use comes, it would be well worth just buying that item (or a similar one) again. This goes for all items; clothes, electronics, sports equipment, toys, board games, chairs, and whatever else you can think of that you can easily purchase down the road – especially with the money you saved from not having to pay to move the item.

Moving to Connecticut and downsizing your items may not be the easiest process in the world. Still, once you have all of your items down to the cream of the crop, it will be that much easier hiring a Connecticut moving company to come and move your remaining belongings.


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