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Dealing with Homesickness After Moving

Its okay to feel sad after moving. Whether you moved away from home to another city or across the world, homesickness is a real thing that shouldn’t be overlooked. All My Sons Connecticut Moving and Storage suggests the following tips to help you deal with homesickness.

What is Homesickness?

Homesickness is, “a feeling or longing for ones home during a period or absence from it.” Homesickness can present a bunch of different symptoms for everyone, sometimes it can come in the form of anxiety or it can lead to depression or anger. Knowing what you are going through can better diagnose the feelings and lead to treatment for your homesickness.

Talk it Out

When dealing with homesickness after moving you shouldn’t be afraid to voice your thoughts about how you are feeling. Talking it out with a friend, a therapist, or someone you can trust can help you alleviate some of the symptoms. A therapist is a trained professional who can help you realize what you’re feeling, pinpoint exactly why, and come up with strategies to cope with the feelings you are exhibiting. Remember, there is no shame in asking for help.

Exercising and Getting Out

It has been proven that exercise helps people with anxiety and depression. “The links between depression, anxiety, and exercise aren't entirely clear — but working out and other forms of physical activity can definitely ease symptoms of depression or anxiety and make you feel better. Exercise may also help keep depression and anxiety from coming back once you're feeling better. Get outside and go for a walk around your neighborhood, explore the city you are in, realize the fact that this is your home now, and make an effort to notice the little things you like about your neighborhood. Over time you will come to learn more about and eventually love your town for what it is, with its imperfections and inside secrets.

Decorating Your Place

One of the best ways to make you feel at home, without actually being home, is decorating and personalizing your new place with items that bring you comfort. Our Connecticut local movers recommend that you buy some cozy blankets, hang up pictures of your friends and family back home, and light candles with lavender to soothe the mind. Dim lighting has also worked to create a calm ambience in the home. Don’t be afraid to set up your new place exactly like the old and know that it is okay to not want to decorate heavily and create something new. Humans often do not like change as it is, but the good news is that when you start acknowledging what you’re feeling instead of ignoring it, you can start dealing with homesickness after moving and feel better.

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