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Who to Notify of Your Move

Not only does moving involve a laundry list of items to take care of prior to and after moving, but it also includes many sub tasks that are often forgotten in the hustle and bustle of moving. The professional movers in Upper Arlington are gurus when it comes to all things moving, and they know how important it is to notify specific people about your relocation. Technology has worked wonders for making our lives much easier; but unfortunately when moving, simply logging online or stopping by your local post office to submit a change of address is no longer enough. As professional movers, we know that to keep receiving your important documents without disruption, there is yet another list of places and people to notify. So, who should you notify of your upcoming move? Check out the list below of the people and establishments that should know of the change, provided by your professional movers in Upper Arlington.

Your Job.
You might have told your favorite coworker the news, but you still need to file the proper paperwork and information with your human resources department to insure they have updated information.

Your Bank.
As best practice, the professional movers in Upper Arlington suggest filing your address change directly with your financial institutions to avoid the risk of personal information being sent to the wrong address.

Utilities, Phone, and Cable Companies.
If you keep the same cable company while moving, then they will update your residence address when scheduling the movement of your services. However, it is important to inform your phone company of any changes to avoid missing any bills and from your phone being disconnected. Utility companies should always be notified with ample time so you are not charged for any more utilities after you move out.

Doctor Offices.
The professional movers in Upper Arlington suggest advising any doctors, dentists, and optometrists you see of your upcoming move. Request copies of your medical records as well, to be sent to your new doctors. If you do not have a new doctor chosen yet, you can request paper copies of your records mailed to you.

Health Insurance Companies.
Depending on the distance of your move, you may need to change physicians. Your health insurance company will need to know who your primary care provider will be to properly continue your coverage.

Children's School and Babysitter.
Let your child’s school know of the upcoming move. If they will need to switch schools, request their school records to be sent to their new school. Most schools need a child’s records to properly place them in classes and prevent any further disruptions in their learning. Also, giving your child’s babysitter a heads up of the move can allow them to begin looking for new clients.

Friends and Family.
Most of your friends and family are probably aware of your move, but may not have your new address. Provide them with the new address so if they ever need to send a holiday card or invitation, they aren’t sending them to the new residents of your old home!

Making these changes personally will help to make your move smoother. The professional movers in Upper Arlington hope this check list helps make your move easier!