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Update Your Home for 2013

Even though Spring Cleaning has long gained attention as the time to freshen up your home, the Columbus movers feel the New Year is as good of a time as any to inject a fresh feel into your home. Break up the dragging winter months with interior projects and creativity. We have a few ideas gathered about making the most of your home this month and set the tone for a productive and organized year. Some tasks are simpler than others, but knocking these out all at once will save you effort and trips to the hardware store later this year.

Replace light bulbs. Change out light bulbs to energy efficient light bulbs. Compact fluorescent lights (CFL) and light emitting diode (LED) bulbs are both energy efficient options that can last a long time and use minimal electricity. CFLs are smaller, less harsh fluorescent bulbs. LEDs are more expensive than CFL bulbs but they last longer.  Dimming bulbs are also an option and they will encourage you to save energy since you can set lighting at lower energy consumption levels.

Reduce the clutter in your home! This is a continual task that we recommend to keep your home inviting and fresh. Stacks of paper clutter and junk mail are deterring to guests and to most people in general. Keep other items, such as collectibles and cables/cords to a minimum as well or at least keep them in a designated space.

Update the linens. A fresh set of sheets, new towels, and even a new dog bed can have a large part in freshening the entirety of a home. Comforter duvet covers are a less expensive alternative than a new comforter for your bed, and curtains are also an area that you can seasonally change to freshen up your home with the changing months.

Why not paint? Paint has an impressive effect on changing a home. Fresh paint brightens, updates, and brings a cohesive look to your rooms. Try a bold, sunny color in the kitchen or a calming spa hue in the bathroom.

Move the furniture around. Save your money and still get a fresh look in your home by moving the furniture around. Sometimes, placing the furniture in a different way can put a whole new spin on a room, and the possibilities can be endless. Look through home websites or magazines for inspiration.

Speaking of furniture, take a piece away. Sometimes we fill our homes with things we simply don’t need—not just clutter, but real tangible items such as extra chairs or tables. Suppress the need to fill every void in your home. Open up space and let your walls breathe!

These tips should jump start your 2013 home sprucing—but don’t stop there. Practice home enhancing habits like always having a bouquet of fresh flowers or sweeping 3 times a week. Establishing a routine will be easier to stick to rather than simply occasionally cleaning on a whim.