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Raising Money for Your Move by Hosting a Garage Sale

Moving can get expensive, and once the time flies by and it’s time to move, most homeowners don’t think of anything but purchasing moving boxes and hiring a moving company. However, Columbus moving companies want to help homeowners become smarter when it comes to moving, by offering numerous tips and tricks for saving on moving costs.

Since the majority of moving companies will charge you for the amount of belongings you have and their weight, the best thing that you can do is prepare for your move in enough advance that you have time to sort through all of your belongings and decide what you should keep and what you should consider getting rid of. But before you start throwing things in the dumpster, how about hosting a garage sale to raise money for your moving expenses? – We bet you didn’t think of that.  Columbus movers want you to host the ultimate garage sale, so we have a few pointers.

Typically, when homeowners are attempting to do a mass clean and get rid of belongings that they do not need, their “junk” pile is not so big and they are too hesitant with what to get rid of. In order to refrain from keeping items that you really do not need, create a junk pile and then wait a day or two before sorting through all of your belongings again. Chances are, you will feel differently about more items that you should get rid of. Tip: be honest with yourself about the things you have never used, because you still most likely will not use them.

One of the most important aspects of garage sales to keep in mind: just because you do not like it, does not mean that someone else won’t.

Popular garage sale items are:

Baby clothes

Household items and appliances

Kitchen appliances and tools



Sporting equipment

Furniture that can be repurposed

Next, you will need to prep for your garage sale. Make sure that you allot yourself three weeks to get everything ready, find a set-up, price stickers, and a permanent marker. The best day to hold a garage sale is Saturday, and even Sunday after people get out from church and are looking for a family activity.

Pick a time – most garage sale shoppers like early morning garage sales, so that they still have the rest of their day to spend freely.

Set-up – by placing your items on the ground, they are not as visible and eye-catching as they should be. Find tables to display your items for sale, or borrow them from family and friends. It might sound odd, but having your items displayed on tables, actually increases your chances of selling them and making more money off your garage sale.

Advertise – poor advertisement or lack thereof will hurt your chances of your garage sale being successful. Purchase a couple signs to post around the neighborhood and the most trafficked streets, along with balloons attached to your mailbox, so that your garage sale is easy to find.

The money that you can make from a garage sale can not only help you save on moving costs, it can also make you feel better about getting rid of larger items that will cost more to move – like a couch or coffee table; after you move, you can even use your garage sale money to purchase new furniture, so don’t feel bad about tossing items that you may want to replace anyway.