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Make Your Next Move a Smooth One with the Columbus Movers

Moving is a difficult project to navigate without experience or training. Here at the Columbus movers, we know that moving can be scary. If you are planning an upcoming move and need a little assistance with getting organized, have no fear! Read along to learn our expert insight into the moving process and how you can move with ease and without stress.

Keep a file of important documents. Moving contracts, mortgage related documents, titles and deeds, and emergency contact information (such as insurance companies) should all be readily available in the face of an accident or emergency, and the last thing you want to be doing under stress is searching for pieces of paper. Keep these things together in an organized folder so that you are prepared in the face of any circumstance.

Have your must-haves in a suitcase. Once you get into the new place, it’s likely you will not be ready to unpack everything immediately. There are some things, however, that you will need to settle in your first night. Pajamas, toiletries, sheets and pillows all need to be available and ready for each member of your family.

Remember to pack smart—heavier items go at the bottom of boxes and even heavier items, like lots of books, go in smaller boxes rather than larger, as they are more reinforced. Protect picture frames and other valuables with foam plates, masking tape, bubble wrap, and even extra linens.

Remember the less-than-glamorous necessities. Toilet paper, tissues, tools, paper plates and utensils, towels, paper towels, light bulbs, and a can opener will likely all be things you are looking for from the get-go. Keep a box loaded with these must-haves and you’ll avoid inconveniences and last minute trips to the store upon arrival at the new place.

Have a pet? Make sure you’ve got pet food, their bed, medicine, collar/leash and anything else you need to keep your pet calm and as close to normal as possible. Also be sure to update microchip information, your contact info at the vet, and any kennel services you use to ensure they have your correct contact information.

Be sure to browse the All My Sons Columbus movers website to learn more moving tips and packing preparation ideas. Wishing you a happy and safe move!