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Moving Out for the First Time

There’s a point in everyone’s life when it is time for them to move out on their own. This could be at the ripe old age of 18, or it could be after college, or maybe after a few years back at home after college. No matter what age, chances are you will have to move out at some point. College typically count, because you still have a meal plan and you have to live on campus. Moving out on your own means without mommy and daddy, without a meal plan, without anyone to fall back on except yourself. This is a scary time in many people’s lives, and it comes with a ton of responsibility.

Moving out into the real world means that you will need a solid source of income. Nothing is worse than trying to pinch pennies every single day just to get by. Although this is how you might live at first when you get your own place, it is still hard and not recommended. If you are the type of person that got a great job right out of college, congratulations. For the rest of everyone else, finding a steady job that pays well and has benefits is hard to do.

After you have a source of income lined up, you have to start budgeting. Being on your own means that all of your expenses are going to fall back on, you guessed it, you. That means when you take that really long shower once a week, you’re going to have to pay for it now. On top of bills there are also living expenses like groceries, gas, car maintenance, not to mention you want to have a savings account as a cushion for emergencies. Living in the real world is scary, and being responsible for all of your expenses is no easy feat. Don’t forget about insurance. Insurance is expensive, but something that is worth every penny when tragedy strikes.

There is also the job of changing your address on everything. Prescriptions, your driver’s license, magazine subscriptions, the whole nine. Another thing to think about when you are out on your own is your credit score. Having a bad credit score makes your life way more difficult than it needs to be. Granted, sometimes you simply fall behind and can’t make a payment on time. But if it becomes a habit, your life will be tough. Having bad credit inhibits you from being able to do a lot.

Moving out on your own into the real world is a big step towards adulthood. It is something that everyone goes through, and it is a sobering time. Having mom and dad, or a college meal plan, to fall back on was really nice. Growing up means that in reality you only have your self to fall back on, and it gets hard. Planning and being responsible are the best ways to make the transition as smooth as possible.