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DIY Home Updates

While a full scale remodel or redecoration is likely something you don’t do too often, small tweaks to your home can be a great way to awaken your home and make your tired space feel new again. The Columbus movers have a few decorating tips with a twist—they are all do it yourself projects to embark on rather than simply buying ready-made items at the store. The Columbus movers want to help you create storage solutions and save money, so let’s get started!

One of the most overlooked places is the home entry. No one really spends time here, it’s a drop zone for keys, mail, and more, and it doesn’t get the storage solutions or TLC it needs! Remedy this by repurposing a table or dresser from another area of the home as an entryway piece. Use a container for trinkets like writing utensils and a lint brush, and a larger bin for keys to go in. File mail and separate it for recipient as soon as it enters your home to reduce the pileup of clutter.

The front porch is another neglected area. Make your home inviting by focusing on this crucial area of the home. Lighting can play a major role in the feel of the front porch area, and it’s also a smart idea to paint the front door a warm and inviting color. A new door knob and lock set is fairly inexpensive and it can change the entire look of the door, so it’s worth looking into. Spray paint old pots with a metallic finish to give a luxe look to everyday items.

Have a designated electronics hub. Chargers, cases, batteries, and the electronics themselves can get misplaced, tangled or cluttered. Keep these items streamlined and organized by creating a charging station. Using drawer separators like in kitchen drawers, segregate electronics and have a space for recharging and locating all of your electronic goodies.

Amp up the yard by planting a DIY garden. Find flowers ideal for the climate, and pick out flowers in colors that draw you in. A garden is a great way to inject (literal) life into your home and also provide some soothing elements to your everyday home life.

DIY some texture to your walls. Molding is a great way to dress up a wall without the frustration of wallpaper. Molding, traditionally at the top of the wall, can be used throughout the wall’s entirety to build depth and section parts of the wall in a manner that comes off as luxurious. Choose molding that fits your home’s style.

Paint an accent wall. Have the coziness of painted walls without the full blown commitment of painting every inch. An accent wall is a great way to attract attention to a particular area of the home. Try and accent wall in various rooms of the house to add a pop of color and change the overall attitude of a space.