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Create Storage in Your Bathroom

Many homes seem to lack sufficient storage, which is why the Columbus movers have decided to compile a list of tips to help you maximize your storage space and give everything its place within your bathroom, no matter how big or small. Let’s explore some options for creating storage when you aren’t given enough to stay organized.

Additional medicine cabinet storage. If one medicine cabinet isn’t enough, install a second one! The extra cabinet can actually be used for medicine or an overflow of toiletries, whichever you need more storage for!

Mirrored storage. Take a cue from the typical medicine cabinet found in most bathrooms and utilize mirrors to camouflage storage space.  Mirrored cabinets with shelving can be a great way to store items like toiletries, towels, cleaning supplies and more. The mirrored doors will help to open up the room while also providing a cover for stored items.

Coat racks. The coat rack you keep by the front door probably doesn’t get much action in the summer months, so why not try something new? Move it into the bathroom and it becomes the perfect way to store wet towels and bathrobes when they aren’t in use.

Hooks. Hooks are traditionally used for hanging towels, but why not use them for more? Double hook fixtures can be used to hang baskets and bins that you can store towels, washcloths, toiletries and more in. You can even have two or three different hooks to hang several items and keep them out of the clutter.

Tiered storage. The same way that bedroom countertops may utilize tiered storage for jewelry and other dainty items, bathroom counters can benefit from tiered storage towers to store loose ends. Hand creams, nail polish, night creams and more can be organized and in clear view with the help of this item. Don’t want to spend too much on one? Make your own by using 2 plates, one dinner size and one salad size, and glue them the opposite ends of a candlestick.

Baskets. If you have shelving but no drawers, make your own compartmentalized storage by using baskets for towels, extra toilet paper, and more.